Here Comes 1984: Britain To Put CCTV Cameras Inside Private Homes

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  • BurnTheShips

    Don't laugh but UK is usually a few years ahead of us on these sorts of things. Whatever it is that they are doing, will eventually be done here.


  • VIII

    Coming soon to a public housing development near you.

    Chicago would be a nice stage, no? Lots of section 8 units Mayor Daley has his hand in. Gotta get ready for the Olympics and all.

    There is zero, zip, zilch, nada, excuse for this. None.

  • ninja

    it's already happening there....incrementally.....I posted about it a while back

  • ninja

    our masonic friends are behind the scheme

  • ninja
  • Satanus

    Next, the vids generated can be monetized. Cut and spliced, they could make some grist for the hollywood television mill.


  • BluesBrother

    Dang, the Mother Country has lost their bloody minds

    Hmmm. I wondered why I had not heard of this story. I have found a link to a more recognized news source that puts it in a different context.[and it was 2 weeks ago]

    We still might have lost our minds though ? I am not making a U K v U S A point, If it is daft enough, we will consider it....

  • skeeter1

    Will it be better than "Jon & Kate, Plus 8?" Imagine the revenues that could be had from selling these dysfunctional families!


  • FlyingHighNow

    I read the link Blues Brothers provided. This is prejudice and discrimination when you really think about it. Child abuse, neglect and juvenile delinquency is not exclusive to poor families living in public housing. The mentioned problems happen across every social-economic level. If the British government intends to monitor families at risk, they need to do it to every at risk family. This sounds like the beginnings of a huge loss of rights for Brit's citizens. They start with the poor thinking no one will protest, "after all they are just poor, lazy, lower class people." Once they do this to the poor, who is next?

    There has to be a better, less discriminatory way to deal with wayward families and kids on all social levels.

  • Anti-Christ

    Okay...what the hell is wrong with the British people??? why are the citizen allowing this? ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE IN THE STREETS PROTESTING AND BURNING SHIT UP. If this would happen hear I would be the first in the streets. I don't get it why is this tolerated?

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