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    At this convention, Al was African American.

    The Al character was played by an African American at the convention I went to, too. He was usually in loose jeans, a baggy shirt and some attempt to make him look worldly. Like, the night they went out and had too much to drink, Al wore a dress shirt with the collar up. In every scence, the one thing that never changed was his silver dog tag necklace. (yeah, I was sitting that close to the stage ) I guess if you want to be marked by other JWs as worldly, just wear dog tags. He was also goofy acting, the comic relief, like in a hollywood movie where the main characters are all white except the funny black guy. Did anyone have a white guy play Al at their drama or is the WT now writing roles to fit racial sterotypes, which going by their past, wouldn't be that surprising?

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    I've watched a tape of that drama that was given at one of the assemblies in Houston. In that rendition, the character Al was white.

    I had to bite my tongue hard when the line to the effect of Nobody can really love you unless they love jehovah crap was mimed.

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    Thanks for the post. My wife fell apart when she told me about the drama; I am pretty mellow about Watchtower twaddle, but the emotional manipulation of this one made me very angry.

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    "Nobody can really love you unless they love Jehovah"

    That phrase seems to contradict

    "For he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot be loving God, whom he has not seen. " - 1 John 4:20

    The context making the point that it is easier to love another person, than God because you can't see God.

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    when ya mentioned that the speaker said how happy "we" are., that kind of pisses me off when I hear it every time I can't get out of going to the meeting. How in the hell do they know (they don't) that all #so and so were glad to hear your studpid talk or to be here, bored out of our effing minds. that really pissed me off while a dyed in the wool dub, now it hyperventilates me to no end, I mean it really pisses me off.

    I ain't happy, Jehovah didn't provide it some dip shits did, and they ain't god. so get over it for god sakes.

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