"The Wonders of Creation Reveal God's Glory" DVD -- watch on YouTube!

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  • inkling

    Ok, so out of boredom and curiosity, I have unleashed the new
    DVD "The Wonders of Creation Reveal God's Glory" on the
    unsuspecting public!

    Watch it now, before the WT lawyer henchmen track me down
    and bring forth the fury of legal Armageddon on my copyright
    infringing apostate arse.

    I am also madly curious to hear your comments on the DVD,
    both here and on youtube, (if you have an account there).

    I have yet to watch the whole thing myself, but from first
    impressions.... wow. If only their logic and acting approached
    even a fraction of their production values!!! At least now you
    know where all your contribution money has been going...

    Oh, and hey- how many of these filmmakers/CGI artists do
    you think went to college to learn how to do this stuff?

    So, without furthur ado:

    Part 1 of 12:

    Part 2 of 12:

    Part 3 of 12:

    Part 4 of 12:

    Part 5 of 12:

    Part 6 of 12:

    Part 7 of 12:

    Part 8 of 12:

    Part 9 of 12:

    Part 10 of 12:

    Part 11 of 12:

    Part 12 of 12:



  • drwtsn32

    Thanks for your effort!

    I watched a few minutes of the first one. Glad to see the father and son are out hiking in nature sporting official New System Attireā„¢. I'd be offended if I saw them in jeans and a t-shirt.

  • inkling


  • outofthebox

    Ted is everywhere! I saw the guy in one of the new books too. What's the deal? LOL

  • HintOfLime

    Thanks for the effort inkling, but there's no way I could watch more than a few minutes of that drival right now. I watched about 30 seconds of part 2 and they already lied.

    "There is awesome power even at the atomic level, but man has often used it destructively." (Cut to nuclear explosion stock footage.)

    TWICE is now considered "often"? Compare the two bombs that were actually used vs. the hundreds of nuclear power stations around the globe that provide millions of people with power daily.

    Oh, and hey- how many of these filmmakers/CGI artists do you think went to college to learn how to do this stuff?

    My friend does editing for a living, he went to collage, but didn't learn any of his editing skills there. It's not a trivial skill (when you get into pixel ratios and compression formats), but it's not something you need collage to learn - just time and experience in the field.

    - Lime

  • lancelink

    After contemplating creation (like the video encourages the viewer to do) it just really solidifies my feeling toward the JW organization.

    It (the org) is really there to discourage us from personally learning about God and the universe by keeping all its members buried up

    to their eyeballs in attending meetings, conventions, going out in service, associating with "like-minded believers" and non-stop bible study.

    Since I left the JW organization and really started to LEARN about the natural world around us by taking college classes,

    and actually viewing, and studying nature from a curious personal standpoint I have a much greater appreciation for nature and the universe.

    Losing the guilt and "homogenized" view of creation that the JW's spoon out has been a wonderful thing for me !!!

  • Tuesday

    I keep trying to do a commentary on it, but I can't get through that drivel. Seriously it's killing me trying to watch it.

  • Kudra

    Well fuck all. I don't know if I could even start!

    The still pic of Jaracz on part 4 makes me think I will get pissed off watching it. I already feel bugged.

  • villabolo

    Part 1 shows two galaxies unusually close to each other. There are galaxies that have collided with each other making a huge mess. I wonder how that befits a god who is supposedly a god of order and not chaos.


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I enjoy how many of the settings are cgi creations.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and take a guess that not all of the work done on this video was by watchtower artists. They probably purchased a lot of stock footage from production companies.

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