Canadians have no problems with bright colored socks according to Branch Rep (Zone) visit

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  • OrphanCrow
    truthseeker: Rod Jung gave an update on Canada's work (12,000+ reg pioneers, 50,000+ bible studies, 180,000+ attended last year's memorial, they are focusing a lot on translating to First Nations languages)

    Canada appears to have a pretty low saturation level compared to the US, and especially compared to Mexico.

    It must be Mexico that brings the saturation number up to 1 per 250 for the 'Americas' reported by jwfacts, because, if you use the stats from jwfacts, the memorial attendance of 180,000 translates to 2.6 times the number of publishers which leaves approx. 69,000 publishers for Canada.

    That means that Canada has a saturation level of about 1 per 500, half of what jwfacts says the 'americas' has. I am assuming that jwfacts has included Canada in the Americas...unless Canada is part of the Queen country's stats...

    Regardless, 1 per 500 is quite a bit lower than the US figures, and much lower than Mexico.

    The first nations people here have had enough, when the wbts are focusing on first nations languages it just goes to show how desperate they are. Most of the first nation people I know are focused on getting their kids educated and learning english. The last thing they need is a family destroying cult.

    I agree wholeheartedly. I get very agitated when I consider what the WTS is doing by targeting the First Nations communities with their horrible translations of Watchtower crap. The illustrations in the literature are terrible - they have taken white people and colored them brown and call them First Nations. Not only that, nobody in the First Nations communities that I know can read Cree. It's a joke - the JWs leave Cree literature thinking they are 'helping the natives' and the natives cannot and do not read Cree.

    Besides, Cree is only one of the languages spoken. We have Dakota, Lakota, Chippeweyan, Ojibaway, to name a few.

    The WTS is incredibly insensitive to the Canadian First Nations people.

    I personally checked out a couple of jw books from an inuit library. The books are now over due and not likely to return


    I have close friends who are First Nations who live up north. The one family I know was actually having a Bible Study with two old white gals. I have them on my facebook account and I make sure that I post all the child abuse scandals so they can see them and pass the posts out to their community.

    I also know of one JW woman who goes up to Cumberland House with both her Watchtower literature and her Avon business. She kills 2 birds with one stone.

    Funny thing is though, the reserves don't get worked...I think the JWs are scared to send people out there. They should be scared.

    It makes me angry that the WTS is targeting the First Nations in Canada. It is ignorant and damaging to the First Nations people.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I would rank this one as the best that I have attended. It was non-judgemental, positive, and upbeat

    For months now I've been saying that they are softening their message. They've gotten WAY TO MUCH bad publicity from the "mentally diseased" accusation and the admonition to avoid family, even in emails. It's also chasing good hearted JWs (the ones with some brain cells) out of the Cult.

    Bottom line: It was costing them money. Less donations. More legal expense.


  • truthseeker100

    Orphan Crow

    I've got a great deal of respect for the First Nations people there is good and bad among them just like every one else. The last thing they need is brainwashing from the wtbts. It really is disgusting that they are targeting them.

    1 per 500 is still too much.

  • Quarterback

    Thanks, guys, for your comments, and Richard_1 on the additional notes.

    Yes, that evil money does get in the way of what some good people are trying to accomplish.

    I think DOC is right. Maybe the softer approach is coming. We'll wait and see

  • prologos
    If they are softening, they certainly picked two appropriate messengers. angels? Shewfelt, MacEwan.
  • menrov

    the fact that a speaker is a good speaker, very encouraging etc, does not mean a thing. I went to a coupe of funerals of other religions and some speakers were very elegant, knowledgeable about the bible and encouraging.

    And yes, some JW speakers can be very good in speaking. It is not the person but the religious doctrines and practices that are wrong.

  • steve2

    Unfortunately, it persists in being true of the Witnesses as it is true of all groups, religious or otherwise:

    A good, heartfelt even kind-natured speaker does not make the individual a good, decent and kind-natured human being off the platform and in daily life.

  • Quarterback
    Yes, I'm not for putting speakers on a pedestal here in this post. I'm just mentioning what a difference it was to hear a different softer message of a Zone meeting than was heard in the USA.
  • hoser

    They said right at the beginning don't post your notes on the internet so here goes:

    Branch visit. Main screen says do not record

    Do not take notes to share with anyone else electronic or otherwise.

    Summary of watchtower. Warren shewfelt. Build a strong and happy marriage.

    Report on kingdom work Rod Jung

    Ps 107:3,4,14 brought them out of darkness and tore off their shackles

    New peak regular pioneers 12128

    Bible studies over 50,000

    Oct 55,902 bible studies

    116,312 publishers in August

    School for kingdom evanglizers. Students come to a single point and become friends. Assigned to groups to learn language or serve as ms or elders. One sister quit her job as engineer for city of Montreal to go to this school.

    188,000 memorial

    Invite single people to school. Brothers must be 23 years old 2 years as ms or elder and pioneers. Sisters must have 5 years pioneering

    They went to the north to show videos on reserves about bullying.

    Halifax and Winnipeg and Vancouver. Public witnessing. One lady quit university and became jw because of public witnessing.

    Ldc. Local design committee. Full time construction servants. Standard plans and master plan for building in canada.

    Every regional convention will have large screen tvs. Make sure you are there Friday because it ties in with Sunday.

    Translation department translating for native languages. Why can't translators rely on worldly people. Video interview native Jws who translate. Blackfoot Inuktitut odawa northern Ojibwe Algonquin west swampy Cree Mohawk plains Cree some languages that are translated into.

    Song 68 a prayer of the lowly one

    Ask to remain standing for announcements. Encouragement to preach this weekend.

    Brother Payne

    Find happiness in the peace of god

    Jesus spoke to people who were unhappy. Sermon on mount seek spiritual things you can be happy.

    Happiness is not dependant on things done well. Happiness is an elusive word. Lasting happiness lies with Jehovah.

    Problem for many of Jws not happy. We blame ourselves for Jehovah not being pleased with us that we are not happy. Ps 102 a prayer of the oppressed one in despair. Ps 102:1-6 Payne talks about pelicans that we don't have them in canada. compares pelicans with depressed witnesses

    Description of one who feels depressed. Is Jehovah interested in you being a happy person. Jesus died for you. Proverbs 12:25 not good to be anxious. Anxiety in a mans heard weighs him down. Never be anxious for the next day. We don't want to be anxious to the point where it makes us unhappy.

    Elderly sister in bethel working in service with little child. The little child was so guilty that she said she wouldn't be in new system.

    1 chron 8:29. Serve with complete heart

    Mal 3:16 book of remembrance. Some brothers are stronger than others in the truth he said but he also said that Jehovah didn't segregate of the 8 million witnesses.

    James 5 if conscience is troubled go to elders and confess.

    Ps 32 happy is one who's sin is covered and there is no deceit. When I kept silent my bones groaned. We don't have to be unhappy because of hidden sin

    Phil 3:13 forgetting the things behind. Paul had many things to forget more than any of you ever have had.

    1 cor 15:9,10

    None of us deserve everlasting life.

    Unhappiness can be caused by change. Nothing is a sure thing or guaranteed. People work to earn money and it can be wiped out. Have to learn to deal with change.

    Phil 4;6,7 do not be anxious over anything.

    James 1:17 every good gift from above

    Jesus doesn't change

    Job 41:11

    We think we are not good enough we think sometimes. Jehovah can see a sparrow as he falls. He cares for us.

    Anglican minister learned the truth upset at the King James Version of the Lord's Prayer. She emailed bishop about the problem. Resigned at minister. Attended district convention. This lady started a study with one of her friends. Both were baptized.

    We are jehovahs assets. Luke 23 :40 evildoer beside Jesus dying Remember me when you get to kingdom. Encouraged Jesus. Prov 27:11

    Zechariah 13:9 I will bring third part through fire. We have to teach resurrected ones.

    Isa 65 interior rooms he referred to brothers missing meetings life is like that. Juggling. We can juggle two balls. Another ball parents sick lost job satan throws more things at us so we miss meetings.

    Prayers and personal study are important. Meditation takes away anxiety.

    450 people at bethel

    375 locations tied in

    2879 listened in French

    21985 at English locations

    As of live broadcast day

    Song # 60

    Brother Payne closing prayer

  • Poztate
    Hoser... Thanks for the overview of the Zone Meeting. I thought they would have more about the LDC and the plans for future building of KH's but I guess that will be up to the CO's in local meetings. The KH in our area is up for sale with a new property already purchased for new KH. It seems now to have been stalled for the last year and I wonder if it will be one of the first to be revised for the new commercial style buildings.

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