Aug. 15 Watchtower Tip Toes into Occult

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    I noticed that August 15 WT has a pic of John Milton with the caption:

    "John Milton and Isacc Newton knew about the hope of Everlasting life on Earth"

    If you search "John Milton Freemason" you might be surprised to see that his name comes up very frequently in conjunction with this group. Freemason groups seem to quote Milton very often.

    Here's an interesting article:

    A new volume on Milton shows us the Devil in his details

    Was John Milton a student of the occult? Some thoughts on the occasion of a splendid new annotated edition of "Paradise Lost." September 21, 2008

    WAS JOHN MILTON a student of the occult? I had forgotten just how extensive his grasp of demonology was until the publication of a new edition of "Paradise Lost" ....

    .........It's that knowingness in Milton's characterizations of these figures, ...... Surely, as one of the greatest readers of any era, he must have known about these black magic books. ......This edition addresses how much "Paradise Lost" is an oblique record of the 17th century -- of Milton's attacks on tyrannical authority, his heretical views of Christ, even his encounters with contemporaries like Galileo, whom he mentions three times in his epic......,0,6124849.story
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    Ninja !!!!! where you been ?

    I havn't read these "proofs" but freemasons have a long history of claiming famous historical figures as their own,right back to Solomon of course.

    I do think one should read such things with a very large dose of caution, but it would not be the first time the "celebrated WT scholars" have dropped a bollock with who they have esposed, e.g Gruber the spiritualist translator,or "channel".



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    So is Paradise Earth really written in the bible...or did this Watchtower notion also come from Milton's writings?

    One of the major concepts emphasized throughout Paradise Regained is the play on reversals. As implied by its title, Milton sets out to reverse the "loss" of Paradise. Thus, antonyms are often found next to each other throughout the poem, reinforcing the idea that everything that was lost in the first epic is going to be regained by the end of the mini-epic.

    Milton's choice of the theme for this story is curious. The death and resurrection of Jesus is accepted as the redemption of mankind. But Milton has chosen Jesus' resistance of temptation as the act of regaining paradise. An explanation of this is "Most Christian writers telling the story of the Son's redemptive acts focus on his suffering, crucifixion and resurrection. Milton's choice of the temptation in the wilderness is at first surprising, but fits perfectly with Milton's own belief that inner strength, knowledge, and moral choice produce deeds. If Adam's disobedience lost Paradise, the Son's obedience reunites God and mankind. As Adam and Eve gave into temptation, disobeyed, and lost Paradise, this is the moment for Milton when the Son resists temptation, obeys the word of God, and positions himself to regain Paradise.

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    Click on Ninja's link!!!

    This is a Must See! ^^^^^^^

    This would be good info to print out and show your JW friends and family BEFORE they read the magazine!


    The strange relationship between Newton and the complex fringes of the Hermeticism of the epoch has long been unknown, and even concealed. The official biographies have mostly kept silent about this side of Newton

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    What verses exactly does WT use to prove a "Paradise Regained"?

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    It's the trinity connection...didn't he prove the trinity wrong?

  • gubberningbody

    He was an antitrinitarian, but he never let any of that get published until after his death. His focus on the gentile times was not particularly useful or convincing. His time-table has the end in 2085??

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    Justitia Themis

    His time-table has the end in 2085??

    Oh great. I can just see where they could go with this! It wasn't 1914, it was 1915, then if you add some 70 year thingy (like the Israelites wondering in the wilderness.. and then 100 years for (insert something here.) you get...drum roll please...2085!!!!!!

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