Anybody remember a QFR on JW nurses tattling on blood transfusions?

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  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    I remember the article, which was of great interest to me at the time. If my memory serves me correctly the advice was to go to the wrongdoer and encourage them to turn themselves in, in cases of immorality, abortion, blood transfusions, so that the "loving " brothers could "help" them. Well, I just never could do that. I knew the poor person was a tortured soul as a matter of fact I always went out of my way to remind them that any information about the case was strictly confidential. I have had many families thank me, none turned themselves in to a "loving committee".

    However, as I look back on my career, I think many of these cases were the nails in my coffin of leaving the organization. These are stories of affairs and unwanted pregnancies among elders families, mental illness of those that should not have been put in a position of leadership, blood transfusions from guys on the liaison committee, I could go on and on . I kept all of this stuff to myself ( couldn't even tell my husband). Really it just helped me realize this group of people were no better than anyone else. Maybe worse because they look down on folks with such problems, instead of having a little compassion which they themselves are in such desperate need of.

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    "A Time to Speak"--When?--PDF! Click the link at the bottom of the next page. N.


    I remmember this article and knew I would never be a snitch and tell the elders. Every healthcare employee knows the HIPPA law and knows the consequences of breaking the law. I was a nurse for 2 years before I became comfortable enough to administer blood products. My supervisor made it clear I had to demonstrate knowledge of how to care for a patient receiving blood and know the hospital's policy. I cared for my patients and would ask a fellow nurse to administer the blood while I performed some unpleasant task for that nurse. I look back now and realize how brainwashed I was. I also realize I worked with a wise and mature nurse manager who understood my immaturity. A nurse is taught to be objective and nonjudgemental and support the client's wishes. We care for people when they are vulnerable. Betraying a patient's privacy betrays the trust a patient places in a nurse or other person caring for him (her).

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    It's possible my study might be relevant.

    You'll find it at


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    There was a woman from my old hall who was a secretary in the hosp & she would come to the meeting & tell people "so & so was in hospital the other day getting this done" - she told people my dad had had a vasectomy! WTF! going up to people in the hall & saying "**** had his vasectomy, hes sore but getting there" - cheeky cow

    I said that if she ever did that to me if I was ever in I would get her sacked! where do these people get off, thinking they can do this kind of thing.

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