Have you ever written a letter to the WTBS and gotten an answer?

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  • trueblue

    Like some of you already they send the letters back to the local congregation.

    Only answer the letter after it is all over with and you have decided to go on. Then tell me you are supposed to foregive freely.

    Before the moon sets and all that garbbage. The hyprocrites.

    I can forgive freely or there would be seriuos consequences. The dumb bastereds give me post traumatic stress desorders beating me when I was a baby and or just being innocent bystanders allowing the beattings to go on.

    If they only would have answered my mothers letter for help 40 years ago. Just bay-be I would not have PTSD, who knows.

    There is no reason to hold a grudge, I realize they are not perfect, I was just warning them for there own safety, they better not do it again because I am a lot bigger now and I hit back.

    I have gotten some conseling and before I did not know what to do when I see a JW hit a child but I do know now do not go to the Elders do not write a letter to the society go directly to child abuse authorities.

    In the JW Bible says if you have a problem with a brother to take it up with the brother alone first then take it up with the congregation if the brothers does not listen. There is atypo somewhere because the Jeruselem Bible say to take it up with the community.

    I was at a convintion and they where giving speaches about letters they get. Like that is the most criminal thing anyone could do. write a letter and how dare anyone talk about Gods people.

    What I have to say about that is if the JW's don't like letters then don't read them, and set an example and invite them to the next meeting like Jesus would have done. and not even mention what they have done.

    The Bible says if a person speak against God it would never be forgiven not even in the new system of things. So I can say anything I want against child beaters. perverts that collect letters.

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    I wrote twice. The first letter was "has Erich FROST really given in his colleagues to the gestapo, as we can read it on the internet ?" they answered that they were not in a position to tell me but if I wrote to the German branch they could tell. They added that the value of an information is often in direct proportion with the value of its source (apostates on the internet) and the fac-simile pages of FROST's questioning by the gestapo "had the appearance of authenticity".

    The other letter was about a WT study article where they say that in Mak's Gospel the sower is the JW publisher, when it is quite obvious, through comparison with Matthew's synoptic Gospel that the sower is Jesus. They answered that one could come to that conclusion at first sight but the FDS must have written that for good reasons, we must trust them, bla bla bla.

    I don't know if the branch sent my letters to the elders, I showed them anyway, with the answers, quite happy to sow seeds of doubts in the less ignorant ones' minds.

  • straightshooter

    I wrote the WTBS because a Circuit Overseer informed me that I was not to be used in the congregation because of a problem that a brother had with me.

    So I wrote the WTBS for clarification, I received an answer that told me that I needed to follow Matthew 18 and resolve the problem with the brother. I wrote the WTBS back explaining that the brother will not meet with me. They wrote back to me that I needed to meet with the local body of elders to find out what the problem is.

    I then rewrote the Society explaining that the local body of elders were not sure what the problem is and that it was a decision of the Circuit Overseer. The WTBS then stopped writing me back, though I resent the letter several times for a reply.

    That brother was made a Ministerial Servant 3 months later and an elder a year later and I was never used in the congregation since. Whatever the problem was that the brother had with me that disturbed the Circuit Overseer was never known or resolved.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    I wrote and recieved a reply about the UN scandle.

  • blondie

    I wrote a letter about an assessment of me by 2 elders (not the whole body). I guess the BOE got a letter and chastised the 2 elders, not because of their treatment of me but because they had gone outside the body of elders. It was very embarrassing for the rest of the elders. I guess these 2 men tended to be wildcards and "independent." Neither lasted more than another year. But no apology to me from the two elders but the WTS did explain about the "imperfections" of the human character......ha


  • leftbelow

    No letters for me

    But Welcome Straightshooter

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