IF the Gibbering buddy said: "_" , would YOU--

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  • hamsterbait

    I get so sick and tired of JWs constantly questioning the source of information or the motives of the one providing it.

    If SATAN said "2+2=4" Would you then be stupid enough to say 'That cannot be true because the Devil said it"

    If the FDS said "2+2 DOES NOT = 4" would you disagree with it??

    Would you agree with it if they held a gun to your head and said "you will be killed if you dont agree??"

    Would you at LEAST ask - "If 2+2 is not equal to 4, what is it equal to?" Then test it.

    Can any sane person accept "2+2 = whatever the GB says at the time..." (without going MAD)


  • leftbelow

    While your premise is solid most hard core witnesses would indeed believe that 2+2= (WHATEVER THE GB SAYS IT IS)

  • hamsterbait

    SADLY -Yes

    I remember an elder saying that he would teach what the WT says, even if the Bible SEEMED to say something different.

    Another Elder said that if the Witchtower told him to preach that the moon is made of cheese he would teach it...

    How High??


  • leftbelow

    LOL I think I know that elder

  • Ténébreux

    No, Brother Winston, that is no use. You are lying. You still think 2+2=4.

  • WTWizard

    They actually tell people to do that. If the Washtowel Slaveholdery holds one viewpoint, you are to hold that viewpoint even if you can prove it wrong until they change the viewpoint themselves. If they hold up a green object and tell you that it is black, you are to agree that it is black and not green--and not just that they altered the names of the colors, either.

  • Quandry

    Once my husband (an elder) and I took our daughter, about 11, over to play with another witness girl from a different congregation. Her dad was also an elder.

    In the course of conversation I mentioned something about the bones of a T Rex, and that the teeth were at least six inches long, and something about their eating meat.

    The mother of the girl immediately almost yelled to her daughter, They DID NOT eat meat, they lived before the flood, then looked at me. I immediately was amazed that anyone could think those teeth were for chewing grass and at the same time realized the "faux pas" I had done. I was a bit afraid, as I instantly realized that what I had just said did not agree with "the Society's Thinking."

    You are exactly right-does not matter what science has "proven"-it's what the GB states as fact......

    P.S. We were never invited back......

  • metaspy

    I had an elder tell me that if the Watchtower told him that the sky was actually green not blue. He would from then on call the sky green.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Another perfect example of mind control.

  • runningonfaith

    During our exit from the wt, we met with the elders a few times.

    Once they were talking to my wife ,here at home, about the trinity and the nwt "imperfections" .

    At one point one of the elders told her:

    "Today the society tell us there's no trinity so there's no trinity. If in the future they tell us that there is a trinity than there is a trinity".

    Mind control all right.

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