What can I say to JW's about Michael Jackson's life and death?

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  • reniaa

    hi shamus you call me an apostate? lol if i am one then many on this forum are 100 times the apostate I am...Personally my thoughts goto MJ's kids that will have to live with a father both idolised and scorned, both beloved and despised by the masses. It will not be easy for them and I'm inclined to think the grandmother is the best person for them away from the money lovers but that is my own personal thoughts.


  • shamus100

    both beloved and despised by the masses


    I can't believe it - we're agreeing on something! I really do feel sorry for his children too. Witnesses never forget, and when they go to the kingdumb hall they will very much be despised by the masses. Truly tragic, and I wish people at the hall weren't so judgmental when it comes to people.

    Chances are they won't be looked after by an aged old Jehovahs Witness who would rather see them die from not taking a blood transfusion. Our court system works very well, and we can both be very happy that it protects most people, both physically and mentally.

    When they are out in "the world" with normal parents, they will blend in with everyone else, and possibly change theyre names and have a normal upbringing. I know the witnesses would never forget being a closed-in community and all.

  • Athanasius

    Hi Reinna,

    From reading your first post on this topic I get the impression that you feel that if someone of another religion tries to convert a Jehovah's Witness that it is an act of hate. Strange. Even when I was an active JW I never viewed a Christian's attempt to convert me as a hate crime.

    I asked you this before, but never got an answer. Do you think that persons of other religions should have the same freedom to proselytize Jehovahs Witnesses as the Witnesses claim for themselves?

  • purplesofa

    Why do you have to say anything?

  • EverSoGrateful

    Losing a child must be one of the hardest things in the world to bear. I am sorry for MJ's mom that she has to bury a son. MJ's life was spinning out of control. To his mom, MJ was a good son, accused of doing some horrible things. But in MJ's mind, he knew what he had done, and I believe it was killing him slowly... he needed to get help about his pedofilia, (plain & simple). It would have been admission of guilt to do so. MJ was hiding behind his troubles, and no one around him had the courage to man up & get him to get help. He had yes men around him that knew what was going on, but they were collecting paychecks so...mums the word. MJ is at peace now, no more running, no more hiding, and he will seek forgiveness for his sins, as the rest of us will do when our time comes. There is no need to idolize him. He was a man that made some horrible decisions that cast a dark side on his life .... Pedofiles should not be running the streets around children freely, or having them in their homes unsupervised. Why was MJ able to have this when he clearly was a pedofile? Parents would allow their children to go over to his house. That's like sending a rabbit to the wolf. So, eventually, MJ's mom needs to stop and look and realize that a pedofile is off of the streets now....and yes it was her son , but face the truth & reality and make the best of life now. No need to blame others. MJ made his own bad decisions. People around him just helped those decisions come true. People pleasers....yes men....had he admitted his pedofilia, he would possibly be alive today, either in prison or as a free man. But he didn't choose that. He chose denial.... and to hide... bad choices...

  • serendipity

    My JW mom said "He's better off dead. He would've been destroyed at Armageddon." How loving...

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