How many in your cong. became JW out of door-to-door preaching?

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  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Door to door is an essential way of preaching among JW, you cannot get baptized unles you join in door-to-door service, ..... but how many converts in your congregation in past 20 years came out of door-to-door preaching?

    Please deduct mentally handicaped and weirdos.

    Number for your congregation?

    Mine could be 2, (mother with a teenage son), but they DA shortly after baptism.


  • mindmelda

    In the last congo I was in....two people in 35 years. It was a largely LDS territory. They don't let go of people any easier than JWs do.

    The two converts had NOT been LDS, however, they had been lapsed Catholics.

  • minimus

    Almost NOBODY comes into the "Truth" like that anymore! Pre 1975 yes, now---almost never.

  • Nosferatu

    My mother did, and maybe one or two others. Everyone else was born-in as far as I know.

  • blondie

    The PO gave a talk and said that in 10 years only one person had been baptized that wasn't the child of a jw.........

    We just had a jw tell us that they now had 100 if it was an increase...I just asked how many were newly baptized or had just moved in........silence

  • purplesofa

    I came into the "Truth" from door-to-door about 1985.

    I was sincerely looking for a religion,

    At the time they came, I had already gone to many different denominations of churches in my community.

    Checked into the Morman religion,

    I was ripe for the picking when they came to my door.


    But I guess you can deduct me as a weirdo, or better yet, I am probably mentally handicapped!!!

  • wobble

    I think when my parents joined,in the late 40's, MOST people came in that way,now I doubt if it is 5%. just shows that the WT has not moved with the times,once they did,embracing the technology of the time,phonographs at the door, radio stations etc

    Now they just use D to D work to keep the R & F busy and not thinking, it dosn't serve any other purpose.



  • stillin

    it really does seem like a waste of time. I know that there are other benefits, like association, "doing the right thing," being obedient to God. But really, does God want us to waste our precious time? Noah was a preacher of righteousness, right? AND he built the ark, like he had all of this time available?! Maybe just living by righteous principles IS a manner of preaching about it...without being preachy.

    Maybe the fringe benefits are just "conditioning."

  • Quentin

    Agree with Minimus and parents became jw's in 1953 from the dtd work...

  • WTWizard

    I was near the end of the big tidal wave of people that became witlesses through the misery. There was about half the congregation that came in this way during the 1970s and 1980s. Since 1990, I believe only a small handful of people came in that way--I would estimate at most 5 people.

    About two years ago, a witless came in with his study that he was proud of. This unsuspecting witless had just become an unbaptized publisher--since then, I have no clue (this was at work when they came in as customers).

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