Michael Jacksons Doctor disappears as L.A.P.D search for him! Another star OD like Heath!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    LAPD are looking for the Doctor who was with Jackson when he died...they impounded his car left at the house but can't find him. Apparently he gave Jackson an injection which caused him to have "trouble breathing." He will have to face the music soon.

    Stars on Prescription drugs from Doctors are killing themselves...just like Heath Ledger a year ago.

  • truthlover

    Brian Oxman, Mj's lawyer and friend for years warned about this situation happening... he would not name names this morning on a CBC interview and is waiting for blood and autopsy results before he starts naming who he felt was responsible, those who were Michael's enablers.... same as Anna Nicole SMith and

    Chris Benoit, the WWE wrestler .... didnt one of Anna's doctors get 5 years???


  • C. T. Russell
    C. T. Russell

    Farah Fawcett killed Michael Jackson.

    When Farah Fawcett got to heaven, and went through the pearly gates, she was greeted by God.

    "Wow!" exclaimed the Holy Ghost. "We really enjoyed your work here. Especially Charlie's Angels! I still have a poster in my office of you with that red bikini!"

    Farah is a little taken aback. "Thank you, Lord..."

    Jehovah goes on, "Well, I have a special reward for you. I'm prepared to grant you one wish. Have anything in mind?"

    Not one to act selfish and change God's opinion of her, Farah thinks for a second and decides upon a wish. "I'd like for all the children of the world to be safe and sound forever."

    "Done!" exclaims the Heavenly Father. He snaps, and Michael Jackson appears next to Farah.

  • Tatiana

    Michael Jackson Autopsy Underway

    By Mike Fleeman

    UpdatePosted Friday June 26, 2009 01:10 PM EDT

    Originally posted Friday June 26, 2009 12:45 PM EDT

    As police make plans to conduct a second interview with Michael Jackson's doctor, the autopsy on the singer began Friday morning to determine the cause of his mysterious death, with Los Angeles County's top medical examiner conducting the procedure himself.

    Jackson, 50, was declared dead at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center on Thursday afternoon after suffering a cardiac arrest in his home. His body was airlifted across town to the offices of the Los Angeles coroner for the autopsy that began fewer than 24 hours later.

    Police already interviewed the physician who was present with Jackson at the time he was stricken, and contrary to reports the doctor "is not a missing person," says LAPD spokeswoman Officer Karen Rayner . The doctor "needs to be interviewed further," but the interview "just has not happened yet," she said. The doctor's car was impounded because "it contains potential information, medications or other evidence," she added.

    At the coroner's office, Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran, who has handled the high-profile O.J. Simpson and Phil Specter murder cases, was conducting the autopsy, which should take several hours, according to Ed Winter, chief of investigations for the coroner's office.

    Given allegations of possible prescription drug abuse by the entertainer, a final determination of the cause of death will likely have to await toxicology tests, which can take days or weeks.

    The joke's not funny either....

  • Yizuman


    Cops to Question Michael Jackson's Doctor, Conrad Robert Murray

    Law Enforcement Sources Identify Doctor at Jackson's Side When He Died

    June 26, 2009
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    Police are looking to interview someone they believe could provide a critical clue in determining what killed Michael Jackson -- the doctor who was at home with the singer on the day of his death.

    Expand This July 7, 2006 file photo, shows Dr. Conrad Murray posing for a photo as he opens the Acres Homes Cardiovascular Center at the Tidwell Professional Building, in Houston. A woman who answered the phone Friday, June 26, 2009, at Dr. Conrad C. Murray's clinic in Houston confirmed to The Associated Press that Murray was Michael Jackson's cardiologist. Los Angeles police say they want to speak to the doctor but stressed he was not under criminal investigation. Collapse (Houston Chronicle/AP Photo)
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    Los Angeles police are looking for Jackson's doctor, who they hope can shed light on how the pop singer died.

    Cops towed a silver BMW from outside Jackson's Los Angeles home, which police confirmed belonged to Jackson's "personal physician" and which they believed contains evidence crucial to the investigation. The doctor's name has not been officially released by authorities.

    Law enforcement sources, however, confirmed to ABC News, that the car towed from Jackson's home is registered to one Susan Mary Rush. Rush is the sister of Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, who was the doctor with Jackson Thursday.

    Police interviewed Murray Thursday night, but have not been able to reach him since then.

    "The car was impounded," said Amanda Betat, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department. "One reason it was impounded was because it may contain medication or evidence that could assist the coroner in determining the cause of death."

    The British Newspaper the Sun has reported that Jackson was given a lethal dose of the painkiller Demerol before his death.

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    Law enforcement sources told ABC newsJackson was addicted to Oxycontin and received it and Demerol in daily doses.

    Police said that a death certificate has yet to be signed for Jackson, a task that is ordinarily performed by the physician of the deceased. Coroners began the autopsy this morning.

    Police said interviewing the attending physician was a standard part of the investigation.

    "A doctor has yet to sign to the Jackson death certificate," said LAPD spokesman Richard French. "Part of the investigation involves interviewing the attending physician."

    Jackson's brother Jermaine said Thursday night at a press conference that the singer's doctor had tried to resuscitate him.

    "His personal physician, who was with him at the time, attempted to resuscitate my brother, as did the paramedics who transported him to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center," Jermaine Jackson said in the announcement that confirmed Michael Jackson, 50, had died.

    Before authorities confirmed to ABC News that Murray was being sought for an interview, speculation swirled as to who might be the "personal physician" who was with Jackson at the time of his death.

    Murray personally has been taken to civil court in Clark County twice in the past year by Capital One Bank for unpaid bills of around $2,000 in total.

    The LAPD said it knew Jackson had several doctors.

    For years, Jackson has been treated by Dr. Arnie Klein, a dermatologist. It was in Klein's office that Jackson met Debbie Rowe, the mother of his first two children. A housekeeper at Klein's homes said the doctor was "out of town."

    The Web site TMZ.com reported the doctor lived at home with Jackson, but police could not confirm that.

    Police are searching for a doctor who they hope will help in the investigation of Michael Jackson's death. Police Thursday towed the car of Michael Jackson's "personal physician." The doctor's car, they said, might contain drugs or other evidence. (ABC News)
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    Paramedics were called to Jackson's rental home in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles Thursday afternoon. The singer was taken to UCLA, where according to his brother, doctors attempted to resuscitate him for over an hour.

  • JimmyPage

    No one told Elvis "no" either, including his doctors. When Elvis wanted pills he got pills. Just another case of history repeating.

  • Scully

    If Michael Jackson's physician administered a narcotic without having an antidote at the ready in the event of respiratory depression/respiratory arrest, then that screams NEGLIGENCE to me.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    I would have to agree Scully, if this was the doctor that was prescribing the drugs he was taking

    recently, negligence should very well rest on this doctors shoulders.

    But doesn't this happen so often when a rich and pampered celebrity gets treated differently than

    the common folks ? Just keep on feeding the candy to keep the star happy and keep the money flowing,

    I hope this time if this is the case the doctor gets nail to a cross.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    That's all doctors are good for, prescribing drugs. Morons. They killed Elvis too.

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