JWs Get Paid to Go Door-to-Door!

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  • cameo-d

    This was just too funny and I have to share with you all.

    I was browsing a website called AboveTopSecret and there are about 16 pages of different topics about Jehovah's Witnesses. Some very interesting stuff, and mind you, I think it's mostly "worldies".

    Anyway, I stumbled across a comment where a poster said that they think JWs get paid to go door to door.

    I had to laugh. I hope nobody joins thinking they are going to get a part time paid job out of membership!

    Maybe some of you that have time to spread your wings might want to check out some of these worldly imaginings and set the record straight.

    I was looking for some info as I heard that the general public is getting "excited"? about the new end o'the world campaign. What with all the fancy ads and slick made for TV promotions now....

    Anyway, that is being discussed there, too.

  • JWMediaFilms

    well... some do get paid to go door to door. they are called "special pioneers"

    not to mention, everybody that is above that status gets paid as well...

  • vikesgirl101

    Alot of people in the cong where I live use the religion as a tax write off. They deduct gas mileage for field service, if they sign up to volunteer at a District convention, they can deduct all their hotel usage and meals. I even know some that would deduct toilet paper, electricity and $10 a week for a snack, just for having the book study at their homes.

    And we now know the motive behind the zealots!!


    Since When?..It costs your average JW a small fortune in gas to go door to door..Year in and year out..Lets not forget over ordering magazines and coffee breaks...........................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • vikesgirl101

    Serious as a heart attack OUTLAW. It's true. The people here do it.


    Vikesgirl..Thats a new twist for me......I`ve never heard of that..But..That does not mean it`s not true........JW`s are good at finding an angle.......................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • vikesgirl101

    So I had this girlfriend in the Borg that had a kickbutt accountant. Her accountant in Minneapolis says they can claim it on their taxes as charity work. I questioned it as illegal, she said about 1/3 of the K hall uses her accountant now too, and they are all using this new tax procedure. They'd look good in stripes behind bars, huh? I had never heard of it before either. Sounds too much like what they pinpoint "Christendom" as doing.

  • blondie

    It is legal to take mileage as a tax break...

    The Internal Revenue Service allows several different ways to take tax advantage of your good will.

    Driving home deductions
    Volunteer work itself does not produce a tax deduction. However, your travel expenses getting to and from the volunteer location are deductible. If you use your car to help out once you get there (for example, delivering food to the needy for your church), that counts, too.

  • supplies you purchase to be used in volunteer work, such as stamps and stationery
  • telephone expenses.
  • Some local travel expenses are also deductible, such as bus, train, or taxi fares. If you use your own car, you may deduct the parking fees, tolls, and cost of your gas and oil for those miles you travel for the charity, but you may not deduct the cost of insurance, maintenance, registration fees, or depreciation, as you could if you were using your car for business. If you don't want to keep track of your actual gas and oil expenses, you can simply keep a log of the miles your travel for volunteer work and deduct the IRS rate per mile (14 cents for travel in 2008).

  • shopaholic

    I wrote of as much as I could as well. I knew a number of JWs thought that was less than faithful. They figured it was not a sacrifice if you write it off on your taxes.

  • ataloa

    If I remember right, you can only write that off if you use the itemized deductions. In my area, most of the witnesses I knew weren't in a high enough bracket, and just took the standard deduction.

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