USA- Census - Why not hire the JW's to do it?

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  • POs Son
    POs Son

    There is talk on some of the national news outlets about the cost of the United States census. For our foreign friends, we conduct a full head count of residents every 10 years to facilitate the division of congressional seats. The budget has allocated some $11 Billion for this task, to include sending counters door-to-door asking personal questions about people's habits in addition to counting the number of people. There are several options, from hired census workers, to third parties such as ACORN (another scandal) to a recent idea to include the postal workers. It makes sense, the postal service already has 760,000 employees walking and driving to every home and office in the nation!

    I have a better idea! Why not hire the JW's to do this. Think... they could sing "From House to House.... From Door to Door" while counting heads and offering lifesaving pamphlets at every house! They would have an air of legitimacy with their census ID card, and they could make tons of return visits based on what they learn while interviewing!


  • leftbelow

    I used to know a lot of witnesses that did it. They are perfect for the job

  • JAVA

    I don't think so--they're looking for HONEST reporting. Another issue, they want people that can walk faster than a snail.

  • sspo

    If the Society could make a few billions, i bet they would allow the witnesses to do it.

    It only takes one scripture from the GB and the witnesses will jump.

  • leftbelow

    hey maybe if they did that for the Government they could use the Library of Congress (tongue firmly in cheek)

  • WTWizard

    The census report for 2010:

    Religion--Jehovah's Witlesses--315,000,000 All other or none--0.

    World: Second Dark Ages.

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