Foxnews= Moses and King David arrested today at Bethsarim! Fred Franz blamed!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Sunny San Diego California.... "the kings of Israel" return, only to find Fred Franz sold the damn "house of Princes." They were picking figs and dates from the front lawn...while the owners peered through the window at these "strange Hippies."

    {Owner} "Can I help you?" David: "YES, I AM KING DAVID....I have come to claim what is rightfully mine! Moses {with Woody Allen voice}: " sorry we have, the right place um...excuse me...sir, sorry."

    Owner: "Git off my LAWN!" David swings his slingshot around his head and yells: "Moses, call down FIRE from Jehovah!" Moses: {Woody Allen voice} "Well...I...God it's like ...I don't do that anymore..."

    David: "Samson? ATTACK...??? Oh damn is he still with that Hooker we met at Wallmart? Damn it!"

    Police arrested them and took them to jail....but it's okay. Two Angels busted them out in the middle of the night....they are so pissed at Franz for selling the house, lucky for him he escaped to heaven. The've all opened a bar called "Rutherford's" and are waiting for Armagedon in style...pop in's where "everybody knows your name." really they do, it's creepy.

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