Would you tell the in-laws?

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  • parakeet

    The first year into my fade, my older dub sister made the mistake of dropping in just before Christmas. The look on her faces when she saw my Christmas tree was priceless. I do believe every orifice she had puckered up at the sight.

  • truthseeker


    We were ratted on by a sister we didn't know when she contacted the elders in our hall and told them we celebrate birthdays.

    It sucks.

    Would I tell the inlaws - it's coming to that...

  • blondie

    If they think it is wrong in God's eyes, I don't think calling it a "Happy Monday" would fool him. So who are they serving, God or men...........

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I agree with "I Quit".

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