Some help please- advice

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  • happpyexjw

    Just to clarify: My daughter tells her father no every time when he invites her to attend. She has told him she thinks it would be cruel to give him false hope and therefore will never attend.

  • carla

    Sounds like it is time you educate wifey & mil on the dangers of this cult. If they knew anything about it they would not you nor your child anywhere near jw's, EVER! If I were you I would start setting boundries with mom now, do not give her false hopes of your family & child becoming jw's. Don't forget about theocratic warfare. Protect your innocent child from the emotional, spiritual, & physical abuses of the wt and that includes grandma if she will not respect your boundries. If grandma was babysitting and your child needed blood would she let your child die to keep her own hands free from blood guilt? My jw has answered that question about our own children different each time I have asked so don't assume she will love her grandchild more than she loves the org & herself. May sound harsh but it is a reality.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Don't go! Run away!

    As well intentioned as your wife and mil may be, they have no idea of the inner workings and how this would only make it worse and prolonged. And a danger to your daughter!

    Take your stand against your mother's guilt and cunning. It will be better for your family. If not, she could later say, "You know it's the truth. Why else would you have come to the convention if you knew it to be a lie? Deep down, you doubted your leaving."

    Run away! Run away screaming if you have to...but run friend! Run!

  • leftbelow

    Well the MIL and wife are both familiar with the witnesses (the wife was a practicing witness up until about 6 months ago). They really like my mom and the MIL has issues becuase her parents never really accepted her because she refused to be a wittness and so she feel that it wouldn't hurt to fool my mom into believing I am just weak and not completely gone. But as you guys have pointed out, and rightly so I might add, it is a dead end road that I don't want to go down. Its nice to know other feel the same way I do.

  • boyzone

    Hi Leftbelow

    Trust your instincts on this one. You ARE right. Don't go, Don't even hint at the possibility, don't hesitate when they ask you, don't um and ahh, don't be diverted by the "just come for the talk" compromise. Let your no mean no.

    You're not being unreasonable by saying a firm no, you're letting them know exactly where you stand and where you'll always stand.

    Remember this, give a Witness an inch and she'll take a mile, don't give that inch!

  • yknot

    ..... oh....''''weak'''.....

    Then may I suggest you refuse politely but tell her a friend (AuntBee) has made available a MP3 of the DC...... then throw out some ''points'' you ''appreciated'' so she will be sure to take note of the points when she attends with the "friends". After that refuse to engage in further conversation over the topic.

    I mean why rock the boat if you can squash it with only a ripple or two in the waters.

  • leftbelow

    I need those MP3's is there a link that would really be usefull in knowing what my mom will be using to "try to encourage me" later.

    Thanks in advance

  • elder-schmelder

    It will NEVER be enuf !!!


  • leftbelow

    Found the MP3's thanks for the suggestion ynot.

  • jamiebowers

    Of course you shouldn't go, and more importantly, you should make it very clear to your wife that if she goes, she'll only be allowing your mother to run your lives.

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