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  • isaacaustin

    anyone know anything about him? He is on here as 'The Bible Student"....and he pmd me a week ago asking me if he could pm me his '1914 refute' and sent me some long tale of his interpretation of Rveelation and the end:

    in response to my telling him we can not be dogmatic as to how the end will play out: no, we do know roughly how it will play, and as I have discovered, if the good news is being preached at 1st half of the 7 year tribulation period, then where does that leave the wbts after over a 100 years of false prophecy?

    I think these 2 witnesses that are coming are doing this work, and they could number quite a group, and remember christ said that people would be persecuted on account of his name, but his aostles would carry his name to the most distant part of the earth.

    This is no dogma, this is how it looks lkie it will play out.

    as for reinaa, i wish she would just go..... Then he pm'd me: how could the jw version be way off when they belive christ has already begun to rule? you are as bad as reinaa, and believe the modeartor has removed some of your posts already.....you and reinaa are suited.....maybe you are just imposters and lurkers here Who is ewatchamn???

  • blondie
  • TD

    If you're talking with the E-watchman and not just a disciple/groupie of his, you're dealing with a former member here who went by the screen name, "You know."

    His real name is Robert King; he's the author of the book, Jehovah Himself Has Become King.

    He defended the JW faith on H2O and here for several years, but I think the deal breaker for him was the less than honest approach to pedophiles within the religion. He retained the JW approach to OT prophecy and even expanded upon it in his book. (i.e. Everything has a second and greater fulfillment during the "time of the end")

    During the final years of the 90's he was convinced the end would come in the year 2000.

  • sir82

    If you read posts by Robert King / You Know and compared them to "The Bible Student"...."The Bible Student" ain't no Robert King!

    Now, just figure out if that is a good thing or a bad thing....

  • The-Borg

    No I don't think he is Robert King.

    Check out his website, he's much more articulate than the bible student


  • blondie

    Ewatchman/Bob King/You Know............................All the same person............................OUTLAW

  • yesidid
    Ewatchman/Bob King/You Know............................All the same person

    Absolutely.........but.....The Bible Student ........he's is a completely different can of worms.


  • LennyinBluemont

    I found him before I found JWD and he FREAKED me the hell out.

    ~Awake & Watching

  • dinah

    I found him before I found JWD and he FREAKED me the hell out.

    Me too, A&W! But there are a few people I knew from there who are still in touch with me. (That's where I "met" Bumble Bee first).

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