Awake 1974 = Artifical Insimination with donor sperm is Adultery and leads to mental problems!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Awake 85 7/22 p.30 "Buisness man nearly marries own daugter...donor sperm fathered 806 babies..he was the father of his intended bride..." Watch 84 8/15 P.26 The bible Lev. 18:20 is clear...Artifical Insimination of a woman...makes her guilty of adultery..." Awake 74 8/8 P.27-28 "NUMEROUS PROBLEMS...the child...a constant nagging reminder of husbands inability to Father children...a lacking relationship of man and child...some men have become "INSANELY JELOUS" of the unknown donor...curious women have STOLEN hospital records to learn the identity of childs father...some have been conscience-striken as they "live a lie" by representing the offspring as entirely their own {WTF?}...donor might be related to the woman...a couple found out they were half brother and's a child of adultery...many have found true happiness in God's Service though they have no children..."

  • DaCheech

    i know, there's no hope for all those umarried pioneer women in da truth. i have a couple in my hall.

    if these could by any change afford an offspring, they could not have one (even this way)

    how sad, that these have no choice and no opportunities

  • BorgHater

    And just to add insult to injury the WT suggests they could use their childless state to do more preaching work!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yeah, nice can't have babies but you can be HAPPY in Jehovahs service.

  • JAVA

    Having a sperm donor is adultery, but getting screwed by the Watchtower is Jehovah's Service.

  • undercover

    The Awake! 1974 article is still considered current "light" per the Society. At their "official" website under, "Infertility: The Choices, the Issues" near the bottom where it mentions artificial insemination:

    Are there any restrictions as to how one’s reproductive powers may be used? God’s view can be found at Leviticus 18:20, which says: “You must not give your emission as semen to the wife of your associate to become unclean by it.” The underlying principle in that Scriptural decree is this: A man’s semen should not be used to inseminate anyone other than his wife, and a woman should not bear a child for someone other than her own husband. In other words, the reproductive powers are not to be used for someone other than one’s marriage mate. True Christians, therefore, avoid surrogate motherhood as well as any procedures that involve the use of donated sperm, eggs, or embryos.^

    The footnote:

    ^ See the articles “The Bible’s Viewpoint: Surrogate Motherhood—Is It for Christians?” in the March 8, 1993, issue of Awake! and “What Is the Bible’s View?—Is Artificial Insemination Acceptable to God?” in the August 8, 1974, issue.

  • undercover

    The Society's stand on artificial insemination raises a question...

    If reproductive powers are not to be used for someone other than one's marriage mate and if doing so is considered fornication or adultery, then wouldn't that make Jehovah guilty of this sin?

    He inseminated Mary to have his son, Jesus. Mary was betrothed to another. So Mary and Jehovah are guilty of adultery and fornication...per the Society's rules anyway.

  • JustHuman14

    JAVA you got it correct:Having a sperm donor is adultery, but getting screwed by the Watchtower is Jehovah's Service

    I'm so glad due to their obsecion of bringing the end they fallen to trap not to have kids. Now WT is in a deep shit

  • LouBelle

    huh / what / are they mad?

  • m.seagull

    this is right up there with the enquirer's "hitler's bunker found on the moon" type articles.

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