Flops & Exhales

by Ruddy 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • mouthy

    OH they are magnificent!!! Esppecially with all the blue bells & that darling little horse.I think they are SOOOOO
    Lovely Thank you SO much they are a sight for sore EYES!!!What lovely scenery Wish I was there.

  • Ruddy

    Thanks Grace!

    So, who else is here that I know then?

    Recognise a few faces here but not a clue where they all are in the recovery process.

    Who runs this forum anyway?

    Any of the old faces here from 12 years ago or so?

  • Robdar

    Welcome back Ruddy!

    It's been a long time.

    I see you are still very talented with your camera. Got any poetry for your old friend, Robyn?

    Hugs across the pond to you.



    smells like Ruddy is back

  • shopaholic

    The pics are absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Ruddy

    Hiya Robyn, good to see you again lass, missed you all these years.

    Poetry? You want me to wax all poetic like the good old days, I don't know if I'm capable of all of that these days, where's Welly when you need her (CarolWelch)? She's the best poet I know, but then she was TWI not jw (The Way International) a similar outfit to the wit's, just smaller.

    When I write these days, it tends to just be business talk, SEO, keyword research, advertising and marketing, copywriting all those kind of subjects, less drift and more focus I guess these days, more cut throat. Post on a few business forums where there's not much room for being too personal.

    Most of the time, I'm just too busy anyway to post much on forums, full stop.

    Still looking forward to visiting the States and maybe Canada too in August, got to fly over to see my business partner over there about a few matters for a huge website that we are launching together, keeping us well busy. Might have chance though to pack in a little bit of socialising I guess.

    Last time of course that I was in the States, I stayed for 3 months in total, toured a hell of a lot of the western States, about 13 or 14 States in total, loved it over there. Well, Oregonians I thought were hard work, thought they were a bit thick to be honest and not much better in Idaho or Utah either for that matter, but down south loved it, especially California. Ended up driving 4,800 miles in ten days on just one road trip lol! Though I never want to drive across the Great Divide Basin again as long as I live, what a bloody boring drive that was in sub zero tempertures with snow billowing across the road by the bucketload in strong winds at 40mph, 1,000 miles or whatever that was from Salt Lake City to Cheyeene in Wyoming, before heading south to Denver and NM.

    Even had a fighter pilot picking me out for target practice in the middle of Death Valley, that was as funny as hec LOL!

    Look, a mad Cornish Celt, bombbbbbb 'im!! lol (I'm sure it was Scully behind the controls lol).

    Aye, so everything is tickety boo here, no complaints, lots of work, keeping busy, enjoying all of life.

    (((((Robyn))))) xx

    Shopaholic, thanks darlin'! Nice one ole gal, appreciate you writing that, jolly kind of you.

  • BabaYaga

    Holy HEAVENS, and how is it that I did not RECOGNIZE you when I already welcomed you on two of your other threads???!!!!!!!!

    I am...

    Well, well, well... welcome home, you!

  • kurtbethel

    Enjoyed the photo tour. Reminds me of the California coast near Jenner or Fort Bragg.

  • mouthy

    Ruddy the site belongs to Simon. Who I think you have met???

    You also knew "depoet"right?

  • Ruddy

    Simon, yes, looks like a rabbit, the way his lips twitch, as if he's eating short grass or sommit, bless him.

    Depoet, never heard of em, not as long as I've lived.

    BabaYaga, not sure about that username, is she the getting along in years lass from South Carolina, the one with the gnarled legs that look like tree trunks? Friend of Boudicca (Panda)?

    She was awright, bit of a character, if I recall correctly.

    I see Nelly136 is here too, wrote her an email a few weeks ago, she's alright, met her in person a few times, lovely lass, quite fancible in fact, got a wickedly gorgeous smile on her, not a bad ass either lol!

    Sorry Debs, couldn't help but notice last time I saw you about 2-3 years ago.

    Thanks for the comp's on my photos, those of you that passed comment.


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