Creative ways to pad your field service hours

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  • boyzone
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    easy hours. Car boot sale all your old mags, sit in the sun and count the time.

  • Nosferatu

    Throw your WT and Awakes in the garbage, believing that a homeless person will dig through your trash, read them, and count them as placements :)

    Witness to your pets for extra time. If you have no pets, then stuffed animals or invisible friends will do.

    Pin a tract on a cork board and multiply five minutes times the approximate number of people in the area.

    Someone on here mentioned the old tape it to your car window trick and drive around the city. Easy way to count time!

    Mail tracts to your MP (in Canada). Postage is free!

    Tape tracts to "postage paid" cards and stuff them in credit card envelopes. Just think of how many people you can reach for free!

  • JWinprotest

    there were also many times that i just put down 4 hours for the month when i did nothing just to make it look good and keep elders off my back

    My wife and I have been doing this for a while.....I feel so guilty though. I usually ask the territory servant for my own territory to explain why nobody has seen us at the field service group. About 4 or 5 months later I turn it in with 2 or 3 foreign language remarks maybe I'll throw in a do not call every once in a while and I'll ask for a new one. Phone territory is the best for that. I almost got busted though a few months ago at a sunday meeting when a sister asked my 4 year old, "did you go in service today?" and my kid just looked at her like, "what the hell are you talking about lady". Last time my daughter was out was when she was 2. I think this sister is on to us and she's fishing for info.

  • wannaexit

    for every hour..I count 3.

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