Taking a Break

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  • purplesofa

    Have a wonderful time.......

    wish I was back in FL



  • shamus100

    Take care down there.

    And thanks for all your insightful posts over the years. With you it was the quality by far.

  • BurnTheShips
    wish I was back in FL

    Not this time of year you don't. Sweltering hot, and the local atmosphere is so thick with bloodsuckers it is basically mosquitoes holding hands.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Thanks for spending some time here.

    I have always enjoyed your posts.

    Tight lines


  • moshe

    What part of Florida? Somewhere in the Fort Myers area, but not Fort Myers. I have always wanted to get back to Florida after getting the boot from my JW wife 20 years ago. I lived in the Tampa area back then. We bought our short-sale home, sight unseen and it worked out perfectly. My wife said she couldn't believe she was agreeing to buy a home she had never seen in person and in a city she had never visited. Thankfully, the house was more than OK and needed just cosmetic stuff inside and out. She and our daughter loved the community of around 100,000 and the local synagogue made us feel right at home.

    The real estate market in SW Florida doesn't work like a normal one right now. There a gazillions of out-of-state bargain shoppers looking for deals. I started looking six months ago and the competition is getting more intense. Multiple bids for over the asking price is common now- 20-30 bids is not unusual. The winning bid is quite often more than the bank's listing price and often an all cash deal. The realtors have repo bus tours and take clients on tours of homes in their price range. It's crazy. Homes built 3 or 4 years ago can still be found for $50,000- just make sure it doesn't have any chinese drywall, which makes it unliveable. The best deal I saw go down was a 3200sf home on a golf course forthat sold for $80,000 four months ago. People wern't entirely sure the bottom had been reached back then. They advertise condos in south Florida, "buy with your credit card". Yes, if you are 55+, you can find a 1br condo for $15,000, 2br $25,000. They were selling for $50-60,000 a couple years ago. I have heard of condos being bought at the sheriff's sale in the courthouse for as low as $1500. Happy hunting.

  • carla

    Best wishes on your retirement!

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