[Allow for response]. Then ignore.

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Come now, don't you remember that after the [allow for response] the dub is supposed to say "that's right" if they agree with the householder, or "many feel that way" if they disagree with the response...?

    I guess they're getting things dumbed down enough to even exclude that.

  • BluesBrother

    "Most of us are thankful for what our parents have taught us. Do you think it is disrespectful to examine the religious teachings we learned as a child? [Allow for response. Then read 1 John 4:1.]This article shows whether it's wrong to change our religion." Feature the article that begins on page 28.

    Response ? " Of course we should examine the religion that our parents taught us. I did . I found it was misleading me about many things . Can I help you to examine the religion that your parents taught you?"

  • carla
  • NINfan05

    this makes me want to puke.

  • WTWizard

    I can add to some of these answers. Suppose they ask me if I would like to live forever in paradise on Earth. Now, I can explain that if I do, then it's part my duty to create that paradise without any help from any God--and part the duty of external authorities especially God to leave me alone so I can create such paradise. I believe that, if the earth is going to be a paradise, it will be through science and the free market, not through any God.

    And, if they tell me that the "wicked" will be destroyed, I might ask them what constitutes "wicked". They will come up with something like "Those opposing God's kingdom". I would simply reply "What about those who study God's word but refuse to join your religion, or those who do not support it but are not actively opposing it". Chances are good that they will come up with something that God will destroy those people, too. At which point I mention that they just admitting that God is going to destroy people that are simply minding their own business, for no good reason other than because they refused to support a particular group in a particular way--and in doing so will throw away other talents (such as rebuilding a paradise and creating new infrastructure) just because they did not want to preach or were lousy at doing so.

  • chickpea

    omg this is like picking a scab!

    more pus to be discharged,
    those little control tactics
    layered on atop the other,
    being peeled away to allow
    a fuller understanding of how
    completely duped i was......


  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Hey, had you seen Reniia around here???? To bad she missed such a good thread ....


  • Jim_TX

    The part that gets me... these 'sales meetings' still rely on people - walking door-to-door - door-knocking.

    Sorta like the Fuller Brush man. Anyone seen him around lately? No? That's right. The Fuller Brush Company has updated their marketing techniques - to eliminate door-to-door sales.

    Although... when my wife and I were in the Fuller Brush store - in the Outlet Mall - the lady there said that they still have about 400 Fuller Brush men out there... 'somewhere' was her word. (Also note the quantity - 400. That's not many - to cover the United States.)

    My point? Perhaps the WTBTS needs to update their sales tactics - door-to-door is not modern and does not work as effectively as other techniques. (Internet?)

    [Allow for response]

    Jim TX

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