How many Witness families do you know that still shun their children?

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  • jam

    let say , new light, We were wrong, no more shunning this is not God love etc...How many could overcome the

    damage , could you after so many years of being shun, treated like manure, your children treated the same.

    What would be your emottional response, you get a phone call from your mother, we can speak to you

    know, new light , the Gov. body said it,s OK... I agree with the last post, it will not be the same family..

  • tenyearsafter

    I don't think the shunning has changed much over the years. I was DF'ed 15 years ago and my brother talks to me if it is about "family business", but no other time. His son is DF'ed and he has not spoken to him since the announcement. His mother will communicate via text message. I only have contact with my DF'ed nephew. My non-JW wife is absolutely appalled and disgusted by that behavior, so if they are trying to attract people to the Borg, they certainly are losing ground in bringing people to the "Truth" with these type of tactics...

  • boyzone

    My mum refuses to shun me no matter what. She doesn't care what the Society say, she's not doing it and thats that.

    I just wonder how strong her resolve would be if the Society tightened things a little more and threatenend to disfellowship her if she didn't start shunning me.

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