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  • restrangled

    DJK...what a garden! sorry you are having so many probs...I understand about the rain.....once it gets going here...everything rots or mildews.


  • BurnTheShips

    Summer gardening FL? Good luck. All my spring stuff is dying off from the heat. My tomatos are wilting, fortunately, I've gotten a lot out of them already. My eggplant looks so so. The banana peppers are hanging in there......


  • Pandoras cat11
    Pandoras cat11

    Hi, I am growing the following: carrots,shallots,red and green peppers, jalapenos, potato, heirloom tomatoes--love them, yellow and green squash, cucumbers, green beans. Herbs: cilantro,rosemary,sage,thyme,chocolate mint---this one is really neat, oregano,basil. We had our wisteria bloom last month. It was so pretty. My roses are crummy this year and I don't know why. We also have a purple clematis that is beautiful. Oh and lavender.

    Squirrels are the biggest problem here. Also the birds. Our bluberries aren't doing so hot either. We are going to get about ten. BIG DEAL! Alll of your gardens sound yummy!! Have a great day.

  • Bryan

    My garden is doing great! For the last 3 weeks we've been eating lettuce, carrots and Strawberries.

    We also have:

    Pole Beans, Peas, Leaks, Egg Plant, 3 Types Bell Pepper, 4 Types Tomatoes, Onions, Zuchinni, Corn and Cantalope.

    2 Cherry trees and an Apple Tree.

    Looking forward to this season!

  • restrangled

    Burns.....good god, don't I know...rot, rot, rot in florida until October.! Our biggest crops, Mold, Mildew, bugs, and more bugs.

    Pandora, and Bryan....I am so envious of your beautiful sounding gardens.....enjoy!

  • BurnTheShips

    The deer got into the sweet corn, flooding ruined the rest. I planted in the low part of the property so I wouldn't have to water too much when it was dry season. Rainy season started early here, and I hear it really rained last week while I was away. Grrrrrrrr.

    I need to fence this place.


  • calico

    I noticed that my morning glory seeds have sprouted! HURRAY! I mostly have flowers--hibiscus--angel trumpets-- brugsmansia--impatiens--a rose bush that finally bloomed-- I do have a mini tomato planted in a pot. I have some different passion flower seeds that I still need to try!

    I also have some flowering shrubs I need to plant.


    Restrangled..2 years ago we had alot of grasshoppers..it was a plauge..They were crawing over each other to move..When they jumped it was like a cloud..One day a huge flock of birds came to the ranch..They gobbled up every grasshopper in sight..It was like a scene straight from a WBT$ armageddon picture..LOL!!......Grass hopper problem solved...........Do something to attract birds..Once a few know theres food,the rest will follow!.............................OUTLAW

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