The Watchtower Didn't Make Me An Atheist

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  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    The scientist, while on his way out of the lab, bumps into the religious man.

    Scientist: "I've done it! Would you believe it! I've done it! I've proved Crystal Forming Theory! A natural process accounts for forming these complex and beautiful structures!"

    Religious Man: "Now, make your own universe, your own water and make it work all by it's self!"

    Scientist: "Funny that you should mention that... I have a hypothesis for that as well, I call it "Abiogenesis." Blind chance has nothing to do with it. I believe it is entirely possible that there is a natural process that can explain how life arose from non-life. If only we could create a self-replicating organism in the lab... we can't do it now.. but we're working on it..."

    Religious Man: "Keep trying, but make your own dirt first."

  • Elemental

    >> As a result I am leaving the board

    Thank Jebus.

    .... Oh wait, he's still spouting nonsense. Nevermind.

    It wasn't that I was still "spouting nonsense" as there was nothing nonsensical about my statements. Rather the issue was that most of you are too uneducated to reason with so I gave up. B_Derserter's constant errors and mistakes in statements he made compiled with Rebel8's horrid lack of deductive reasoning in addition to endless character assassination attempts (such as in your case) led me to the logical conclusion that you people do not know what you are talking about. And yet you tell me I am the one "spouting nonsense."

    In short you don't reason, you attack.

    Now I truly understand what Christ meant when he said...

    6"Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces."

    I would like to thank you MissingLink for showing me a living example of his words and that He unlike you and B_Deserter knew EXACTLY what he was talking about. Not an insult, just a painful truth that you will have to come to terms with one day.

    Have a nice life.

    Oh, by the way might want to consider investing in a spell checker as never mind is two words, not one.

    AND before you respond,

    I at this point could care less what you think so please spare me insults as one, you don't do it very well, two, I have heard it before and I doubt you would come up with something original anyway. And three, I really do not care what you say about me. In fact, the only reason that I am writing this is to beg you not to bore everyone else with your response. (Yeah I know I am the only one boring everyone, I get it...)

    Please do not waste time with trying to respond with some comment in the attempts to "win the argument." If that is how you need to have your ego stroked. Fine, I concede, you win. I just can't takes’ no more Popeye. Your brilliant deductive reasons have overcome my stupidity and I could no longer look upon the light of your beaming intelligence. You and B_Deserter truly are geniuses of the highest caliber along with all the other greats such as Einstein. Hence, I do not wish to embarrass myself further so I will go crawl back into the hole whence I came.

    Now that your ego has been satisfied and you won, perhaps you won't bore everyone with the inevitable and utterly predictable responses that you are going to no doubt borrow from others. I know how your statements are going to go before you even utter them. So whatever statement such as "well you are making yourself look stupid enough so I did not have to" or "Well, you just are too ignorant to understand so I gave up before you did...etc." or “I am glad that you recognize our intelligence and saw that you were stupid” or whatever else you concoct will not be read by me as I simply now ignoring you (and no, I am not ignoring you because I lost but because there was nothing to gain, again, get the drift?) Rather, I ask this so you do not bore everyone else with some mind numbing rhetoric that has been rehashed since the dawn of mankind.

    So please be kind and don’t say anything stupid.

    And before Rebel8 decides to utter predictable psychobabble in an attempt to analyze this as a "response of a person who is in need of attention to justify their intelligence to others" or whatever else she tries to analyze...

    Remember what Freud said..."Sometimes as cigar is just a cigar." And that is the case here. I really am simply trying to stop MissingLink or anyone else from boring everyone here with a response that I will not read as I really do not care what they think.

    Get it? Good.

    Now that I covered all of the possibilities of someone saying something stupid, I bid you all goodbye.

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