faders....was it not fun reducing your magazine order over and over?

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  • oompa

    LMAO.....ya blondie........you are special.........oomps...

  • jamiebowers
    Two months ago, I threw a couple hundred mags. and a few books into the fireplace.
    My "believing" wife was pissed... and a little scared.

    That, my friends, is fun!

    Could you hear the demons screaming? LOL!

  • Gregor

    I was the assistant lit. servant under the brother in charge (A truck driver) who was very obnoxious in buttonholing someone as soon as they walked in the door. If they didn't pick up their mag order he would take the roll of mags in hand and walk up to them and say "Here's your order, that'll be $2.50 (or whatever). We got complaints but then there would be a little come-to-Jesus talk about picking up your order, otherwise you would not live through the big A and the buzzards would eat your baby's eyes out of their head in front of you.

    My guess is that 50% of the mags were never opened and ended up in the landfill or guilt storage. The WTS could care less, they got paid for everything they printed.

  • WTWizard

    I never reduced the order. They just sat there as I missed boasting session after boasting session--that is, until the pio-sneers soaked them all up. Hell, I wanted to waste their money by ordering copies that I would never place or donate for.

  • InquiryMan

    Reduced my order from close to 20 of each magazine to 1... The brother had an unforgettable look when I told him...

  • Hopscotch

    Bit by bit we reduced our order over the years. Looking back, we were actually starting to fade but didn't realise it at the time! So it made me feel a tiny bit guilty and a bit of a slacker when we reduced our order. Then when we weren't going anymore and were now deliberate about our fade, the zealous magazine servant and his equally if not more zealous wife made a point of bringing our order of magazines around and leaving them at our front door with a little note of 'encouragement'. We were always not home (even if we were). By then I just wished someone would realise we don't want them and cancel our order, but of course they thought we were just a bit 'spiritually sick' and weighed down with the problems of aging parents, so they made sure we got our magazines. I'm sure that they were probably counting the time and the placements in the end.

    Then my devout JW mother-in-law moved in with us when I became her carer 3 years ago. So as she gets picked up and taken to the Sunday meeting she brings us home one copy of each of the magazines. But now I am happy to get them because some of the articles have made for a few interesting threads on the forum!


  • wobble

    I meant to fade slowly, but then couldn't face going to another meeting,or even near a Kingdom Hall. I saw a sign to one the other day in Whitstable,Kent, U.K ,nearly made me puke.

    Anyway the Mag guy called on me, shortly after my last meeting (2 months ?) , and asked what he should do about my mags, I said cut it down to one of each.

    He said " fine, and if you don't get to the Hall we'll drop them in to you" Never did, though.

    I don't care,can't read the things now anyway,make me want to puke.



  • chickpea


    if you are dropping the litterature
    in a public venue, mebbe a little
    warning like: CHECK JWFACTS.COM
    before studying with JWs

  • blondie

    Actually, by reducing magazine orders, you are complying with WTS requests. But this was after donations were eliminated.

    *** km 12/05 p. 8 par. 3 Make Wise Use of Our Bible-Based Literature ***

    AvoidWaste: Over a period of time, we could accumulate more literature than we will actually use. What can we do to avoid wasting our valuable publications? Discernment is needed when picking up literature for use in the ministry. Rather than obtaining many copies of a publication that we will be offering, we might pick up just one or two copies and return for more after those are placed. This would prevent a large supply of literature from accumulating in our homes. Similarly, if we have a large number of unplaced magazines, it would be appropriate to reduce the number that we request.

    ***km9/02p.1par.3ShowAppreciationforTheocraticResources***Distribute literature in a way that shows regard for its value. Avoid leaving it in public areas where it will simply get strewn about. To avoid waste, take inventory of what you have on hand at home before obtaining more literature. If you regularly have a surplus of each issue of the magazines, consider reducing your order.

    ***km7/92p.3QuestionBox***From time to time, the service overseer and the brother handling the magazines should compare the number of magazines that are requested each month with the number of magazines that are actually placed in the ministry. It may be that some publishers should reduce their requested quantity of magazines if these regularly accumulate in their homes. Magazines should not be wasted.

  • kurtbethel

    ***km9/02p.1par.3ShowAppreciationforTheocraticResources***Distribute literature in a way that shows regard for its value.

    So that is why I see so many of them tossed in the trash bins. Someone is following this directive.

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