Did you find out the hard way the advice - NEVER leave your

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  • hamsterbait


    I have friends who left their daughter over a weekend with her cousins. She came back with crying fits, nightmares and general nervousness about the world ending. And explicit sexual questions. (must have been the weekend of THAT witchtower study)

    Just a couple of days were enough to fill her mind with poison and propaganda. She became clingy, worrying that Armageddon might come while she was at school and her Mommy might be dead before she got home.

    Have you similar experiences to share? I am thinking of those who still seem unaware of the risk...

    DO you think its a real danger??


  • villabolo

    No, can't say I've had the pleasure, but I am curious as to what impression that incident left on your friends. How young was their daughter by the way?


  • HintOfLime

    I always figured if I had a child, or hooked up with someone that did.. they wouldn't be allowed in my parent's house alone. No matter what you tell them, they will not respect your wishes (they believe God's will that the child be indoxtrinated superceeds your ignorant wishes.)

    - Lime

  • Rocky_Girl

    My 6 year old came home from Grandma's (my ex's mom) and wouldn't look at the Christmas tree or touch it. He was usually all over it but now he was even trying to keep the 2 year old away from it. I asked him what was wrong and he said Gma showed him in the bible that God woud kill anyone who likes Christmas trees. WTF!!!!! I called her that night as soon as they were asleep and told her that I would never leave them with her again.

    She cried and begged because the ex doesn't take them over to her, I relented when she promised not to indoctrinate them. I always ask kidlet if Gma said anything about Jehovah and he is pretty good about telling me anything she may say. I have since told her that she can talk about nature as God's creation, just no death and destruction. We have a working relationship and Nic understands that Gma just calls God that other name. Funny how she straightened right up when threatened with "shunning"


  • jamiebowers

    My jw cousins scared the hell out of me when I was about 8or 9 years old with all of the Armageddon talk. My mom was furious at the time, but she started studying a few years later.

  • mindmelda

    In my case, my parents have more to fear from my teenage children. They've left my parents more than once in tears of frustration after a day with Grandma and Grandpa because they fairly easily dismantle my parents attempt to convert them.

    I have two brainy rational kids...they have a whole set of questions that JWs just can't answer. I've heard them discussing it, planning what they'll ask if they're asked this or that.

    When we lived near them, I've had to go get them early a time or two because my mom in particular just can't take it anymore. My kids are always respectful and well behaved, they just don't put up with the brainwashing. They give it right back to the grandparents, just asking their questions.

    Last time, it was about the blood transfusion issue. My oldest daughter had my mother in tears in about two hours after her attempt at indoctrination on this point and my daughter called for me come to get her because Grandma was so upset.

    She asked my mom, "Why can't you take whole blood when you can have factions made out of every other part? That's like telling me it' s wrong to eat a sandwich, but it's fine to eat bread, meat, cheese,mayonnaise, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce separately."

    My mother had absolutely no answer to this, so did some emotional coercion about "Oh, I don't want you to die if you take blood!" and my daughter just said, "Statistically, I'm more likely to die if I don't." and finally my daughter just got up and called me to come get her.

    She wasn't invited over again after that...not alone. *G*

    When they were smaller, I'd leave them with the grandparents very infrequently. My dad doesn't indoctrinate and he'd usually take them somewhere with him anyway, because to be honest, my mom can't stand her grandkids for very long most of the time anyway.

  • shamus100

    Most dubs don't have the common sense to understand boundaries - and religion is one HUGE boundary!

    If you talk to any children about other "Christian denominations" without the parents knowledge, you're in for BIG trouble. Nevermind cult members, bible stories that are completely gory and nightmarish, and spiritual warfare mentality and LOOKOUT!

    Harmless sleepovers? No. You will have problems with this doomsday cults tactics.

    Jehovahs Witnesses are socially retarded. They will never understand boundaries, 99 percent of them. If they cannot understand your boundaries with your supervised visits, cut them out like cancer and never see them again. It's very dangerous, IMO to leave children alone with dubs.

  • WTWizard

    Even if they are not sexually molested, children that are left with witlesses for any length of time will probably be indoctrinated into fearing normal things, like Christmas. They will be told that, unless they become witlesses themselves, they are soon going to die--and will try to get their parents to become witlesses as well. The witlesses will use the littera-trash in My Book of Bible Stories to make children believe that, unless they do what Jehovah tells them, they will soon die--and then they go back home, afraid that they will die for doing normal things that they always used to.

    That changes at around age 7. By that time, children are pretty much set in their religion--those who are firmly Catholic or Protestant will remain that way. If they already have their minds made up that they do not want religion, or if they are established in another religion, the witless tactic of scaring them will no longer work. This works best if you have children that are at least 7, and refuse to go to church for any reason. For sure, if they are teenagers, they will rebel against the idea of obeying the witlesses. However, that doesn't mean they won't try more mature littera-trash to do the same thing. Nor does it make it safe to be around witlesses.

    1Cor 15:33: Do not be misled. Bad associations spoil useful habits. And, any person or group that habitually initiates the use of force, threats of force (the death threat counts here), or fraud against another person or their property definitely constitutes bad association.

  • vikesgirl101

    I had faded for awhile when my parents asked to take my kids for a few hours. I was stunned to find out that they brought them to another elder's house for "private counseling". That still irritates me.

  • reniaa

    I'm sorry hamsterbait while the other experiences here have a ring of truth to them yours sounds completely made up, if you had stuck to the armageddon scaring them I would have believed you but nope...

    While our children are young we can emphasise the good gifts from God, So I support people making sure that grandparents and family do not scare children but should keep things positive.

    While there are scary aspects to any belief, atheist parents have to get past questions of death too, and trintarians I hope would not use threats of burning in hell to their kids but instead we can make sure our children have the positve emphasised and not the negative whichever belief we have.


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