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    Will this perhaps only "appear" as destruction of religion?

    Could it be that religion will simply go through a reformation?

    Hasn't the political and religious element always been bedfellows?

    But what will replace the diversity of religion once "babylon" crumbles and falls?

    Are there discreet activities in motion to bring in a theocratic government under the guise of secular philosophy?

    Since all religions, as well as many civic and benevolent societies, are registered as NGO's doesn't it stand to reason that these organizations will follow directions to support these reformation changes?

    Does the Vatican direct the movement and direction of all NGO's?

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    New NGO in US to support Church-Israel ties

    The NGO is based on intuitions of John Paul II for the Middle East. The chairman is Fr David Jaeger, an Israeli Franciscan.

    Rome (AsiaNews) ? A non-government organisation called "The Church and Israel Public Education Initiative" was recently set up to educate the public and to support relations between the Catholic Church and Israeli society, working towards full religious freedom in Israel and helping the Church to enter more in the national conversation.

    The chairman of the new NGO is Fr David Jaegar, an Israeli Franciscan who is an expert on relations between the Church and state of Israel.

    AsiaNews received the mission statement of the new NGO that has been established in the United States. The document said the NGO is based on the vision expressed by John Paul II in 1993 a few days before the signing of the Fundamental Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Israel (30 December 1993), which led to the start of diplomatic ties.

    Addressing canonists on 11 December 1983, the Polish pope outlined his vision for the future of the Church in the eastern Mediterranean, calling for full religious freedom for Christians and urging them to participate as "citizens" in the life of the nations where they were.

    Thus, the aims of the new NGO include: 1) guaranteeing freedom and security for the Church in Israel; 2) supporting the Church in Israel to make a positive contribution to the good of the nation and religious communities in Israel and in neighbouring countries; 3) supporting the evolution among Israelis of this vision of friendship with the Church and the Middle East.

    The NGO proposes to strengthen the friendship between the Church in Israel and Christian communities of the world, and between Christians and Jews. Since it has been set up in the United States, NGO members are especially interested in boosting relations between Catholics and Jews in America.

    A particular worry is that the Fundamental Agreement, signed by Israel, has not yet been written into Israel legislation. Catholics and Jews of the United States have made an important contribution to the signing of the Agreement and the launching of diplomatic ties between the Holy See and Israel.


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    It seems to me that today’s UN and NGOs, whether secular or religious, are caught in the same moral bind as the Vatican and the Red Cross during World War Two, sanctioning moral ambiguity and complicity in return for whatever good they think they can salvage from absolutely horrific local circumstances over which they have little or no control. After a while, absolutely everything becomes subject to terms of trade.


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    With 300,000 health facilities worldwide, the Roman Catholic Church is a major global health provider. When challenged to provide abortion services, the church repeatedly responds that if forced, it will stop health services. As governments privatize social services worldwide, and more and more public hospitals fall under Catholic Church control, the Vatican’s power grows. As an adamantly anonymous source in the Secretary General’s office put it—the Secretary General’s no match for the Pope.


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    (from 2005)

    The UN NGO / DPI Conference has selected Joseph Donnelly of Caritas Internationalis to head the Executive Committee for its September 2005 event. This is a highly powerful and sensitive position in the relationship between the NGO community and the United Nations. In this context, NGO Monitor notes that Caritas (a Vatican linked organization) .....


  • read good books
    read good books

    Well Catholics and Jews have had historical animosity towards each other, it's a good thing when they engage in peaceful talk and negotiation together...however, still I have to wonder...

    As these two religious Goliaths come together it migh appear that this will this result in more religious freedom for the individual, but will it be to create more of a monopoly of power?

    Just looking at monopolies in the business, look at the monopoly of the US Federal Reserve, the unlimited power it is the largest corporation in the world , consider the effect historically it has had on our freedoms and our economy.

    Historically monopolies created in business or religion or government have not created more freedom but constrained and stifled freedom.

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    I think religion and politics will always be in conflict to some degree because both are into power and influence. It's difficult to point to a time when that has not been the case throughout history. I don't believe it's a biblical sign anymore than the rainbow is a sign concerning floods. Things like this just happen.

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    It appears that The Book of Revelation - when referring to the destruction of Babylon the Great- is describing the destruction of a religious system that was once "clean" in Jehovah's eyes.

    Notice how Rev 18:2 reads:

    "And he cried out with a strong voice, saying: “She has fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen, and she has become a dwelling place of demons and a lurking place of every unclean exhalation and a lurking place of every unclean and hated bird."

    That Babylon the Great became a dwelling place of demons and a lurking place of every unclean exhalation ... implies that she was not always that way.

    This could not have been the religions of the world today because they already belong to Satan and are under his control; they were always dwelling places of demons from the start.

    This Babylon the Great would have to be something that was at some time a clean place that was not a habitation of demons.

    I believe this is the "great city" we see today made up of over 7 million Jehohah's Witnesses.

    That this "great city" became a "dwelling place of demons and a lurking place of every unclean exhalation and a lurking place of every unclean and hated bird" means that the great city has been infilitrated by Satan and his demons and is now corrupted; the prophesize evil slave (weeds) have grown and matured right along with the wheat, the faithful slaves.

    This is why we see the call at Rev 18:4 to "Get out of her, my people."

    No one should confuse the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses are fulfilling Bible prophecy. No one is carrying out Matthew 24:14 other than Jehovah's Witnesses.

    "And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come."

    The problem now is that they have been for a longs time targets of Satan; and Satan has been successful in misleading many of the annointed. (Rev 12:9)

    The Apostle John, when writing down the Revelation Jesus gave, was particularly concerned about his Brothers. That is, those in line for a kingddom. So he warns them to "stay awake" (Rev 16:15). Jesus gives the same warning at Luke 21:36.

    The world and the things in the world are not targets of Satan; he already has the world in this power and control.

    No, we will not see the politcal elements turn against all religion. This is not what the Apostle John is describing.

    John is describing something many Jehovah's Witnesses are not expecting: The destruction of the WT Bible and Tract Society Organization which has become corrupted.

    This destruction will not come at the hand the worldly political elements, it will come from powers within the WT organization. This event will be absolutely shocking.

    Jehovah's people will be scattered, but not forsaken. Many will lose faith and fall away because of this event.

    Yes, there will be Great Tribulation, but it will be for Jehovah's people (who are in Satan's world).

    The mistake (the lie that has been believed by many JWs) is that we have applied much of Bible prophecy to the world, not ourselves.

    When reading The Book of Revelation, it is clear who John is addressing and warning: his Brothers.

    It is "to show his (Jesus') slaves the things that must shortly take place." Then John goes on to write to the seven angels of the seven congregations.

    I have studied the Revelation Climax Book many times as a part of the congregational book study. I know that "organizations" rendering of the "kings of the earth" is incorrect as well as the identity of Babylon the Great, the Wild Beast, the Scarlet Colored Wild Beast, The Image of the Beast, and the Two-Horned Wild Beast.

    These things have nothing to do with the world that Satan has in his control. They have much to do with Jehovah's people: Those ones that Satan aggressively seeks to scatter and break the integrity of. He has already succeeded in a large way as many Jehovah's Witnesses have not seen through his great deception and blindly obey and follow an organization (of men) rather than Jehovah. (Acts 5:29)

    Again, I want to emphasize that the 7 million or so witnesses in the world are Jehovah's people and they are the only ones carrying out the kingdom preaching work. Yet, a time would come when the great city in which they now inhabit would be undermined by Satan.

    Jehovah now calls for his people to withdraw from this corrupted city.

    You will continue to preach the kingdom message and carry out Jesus' command at Matthew 28:19, 20. But you will do so outside the gate.

    Never speak harshly of your Brothers (Jehovah's Witnesses) even if you were put out of the congregation. Keep in mind that many of them have been misled by a powerful spirit creature. You are still obligated to love.

    It is not the 7 million JWs that is the enemy. It is Satan, the one "who is misleading the entire inhabited earth." (Rev 12:9)

    Notice who John says Satan is coming down to the earth to:

    "Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to YOU." (Rev 12:12)

    Always keep in mind that John is writing to his Brothers (those, like himself, in line for a kingdom)

    This "earth" and "sea" is not the world that belongs to Satan. This is referring to the organized body of Jehovah's people. Later, in The Book of Revelation, this organization becomes corrupted and undermined by Satan.

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    oh, oh, "sunrising" ,

    it is not that your "message" come from "north" ? ... Daniel 11:44.

    by the way , I have read something similar with your message here

    you are welcome , "sunrising" !


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