Your favorite new song......

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  • restrangled
  • mindmelda

    I can't cut copy and paste in Mozilla, but I love the song. "IN the House of Stone and Light" by Martin Page.

  • Nosferatu

    What I did to get mine to work was highlight some text and make a link to the youtube video (click on the thing that looks like a piece of chain).

    Here's a newer song that I've been really into lately:

    Travis - Flowers In The Window

  • homeschool

    Yep, thats the one. I didnt realize it was her, lady gaga. whatta hoochie....gotta love her

  • restrangled

    Mindmelda...oh yes, I love that song too!

    In the house of stone and light.....i hope you can see it!

  • TweetieBird

    Second Chance by Shinedown

  • FlyingHighNow

    There are several I like: this is only one of them. I have no idea when this was new, but they play it on the radio station my grandson and I have compromised on. 96.1 FM. Grand Rapids, MI.

    This song quite reminds me of The Rolling Stones and I've seen an interview with these loveable burn-outs where they mention the Rolling Stones.

    Electric Feel by MGMT:

  • restrangled

    Dang FLh, another disabled embedding... I'll look it up on youtube.

    Another of my all time favorites is pretty corny...but I love it......

  • TweetieBird

    Totally forgot about that song Restangled, love that song

  • restrangled

    Tweetie, I remebered that one trying to think of another....arg. It's a guy playing piano, slightly religious and about walking on air in New Orleans at the end....for the life of me can't remember it.

    In the mean time, I'm going to add the previous to coco's thread about cry'in!

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