this evil evil wicked system of things......NOT!!!...just compare

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  • oompa

    wife and i had a bit of a spat about this a few weeks ago.....i BLEW her mind that i felt like things were so great around us........i guess i only recently understood how dubs think things are so so horrible in daworll around us........i never did...never......i LOVED school!!!......damm those were good friends that i lost after graduation......dammit........i am finding a few back on facebook and such...

    she and prob most dubs think all else in daworll is soooooo evil.......but in the states i can walk most of it without a care in the neighbors are GOOD people...they care for their fam and friends just like dubs do .......and do not commit crime

    i told wifey that if daworll were sooo evil there would be full prisons about every two miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............that is just not how it is..........

    and btw....dubs say how horrible morals and entertainment and such are sooo much worse than ever before?????..........bullshit you lurkers!!.....geeze think about first century rome they got to see people hack each other to death in real life!!!....and dubs complain about football and wwf??.....people were fed to lions and such to paying customers!!!......anyone go see a show like that lately??? sex plays were popular........hard to find these days and i have applied for a few acts..................oompa

  • deemoo

    Hahaha... I had an experience today that fits in. I had bible study today and I was talking about my boyfriend (who is also studying) and the study-guy says "Because your boyfriend is studying the bible, he won't do anything wrong or cheat on you."

    I wasn't quick enough to reply , but in my head I was thinking... just studying the bible doesn't confer non-cheating qualities on anyone! He wouldn't cheat on me anyway! HAHA... I found it really funny that he thought that way.

    Another comment from today's study was - "I'm a man, I'm not gay."

    Again, my in-my-head comment was - err... gay guys are men too...

    Btw... before everyone gets worried again - I, nor bf, have any intention of becoming JWs. We were just curious about their beliefs. We'll move on to other religions soon enough. We've been reading the Bhagavad Gita too.

  • Sunspot

    Once the horrific WTS scales had been lifted from my eyes, I began to realize that *I* had pulled *myself* away from everyone and everything non-WTS-approved....including the many people that I most certainly would have enjoyed knowing and being enriched by.

    As I eased back into the human race once again......I saw so many opportunities to be OF help to others and to BE HELPED by others....and not necessarily in a "religious" way. I have been astonished and so warmly surprised at things that near strangers have done for me or for someone close to me.....and my faith in others has been restored a hundred fold since leaving the hideous WTS mindset. At the WTS bidding....all the trust I had chosen to dismiss (and ONLY allow to other WTS followers) was brought back into the proper focus again, and the constant "living in fear" that the WTS placed us under.....has been revealed for just what it was: a fear tactic by a cult.

    No, the world is not all a trip to Disneyland.....but it is not a demon-infested swarming underworld either. There are countless warm and loving people out there who are not looking for any harm and are genuinely fine folks through and through. I am not always thinking, hoping, praying, living FOR and putting my life on hold for "the end of this system" to deliver me into a world of self-righteous WTS followers to live forever under WTS requirements. No thanks. I choose to live the best I can NOW, in freedom and loving ALL others that are looking for the same basics that make us all human. It's all in the attitude.

  • WTWizard

    I suggest comparing the present with the First Dark Ages--the period between 500 and 1500 AD. Now that was bad.

    And, if the witlesses get their way, they will do just what the Catholic church did in about 380 AD, and start the Second Dark Ages. Now that will be even worse.

    Enjoy it while we still have relatively peaceful and prosperous times--something tells me that Osama Obama is going to just plain let the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery do just that, in return for a few of those dollars that wound up in the Worldwide Second Dark Ages (and Pedophile Defense) Fund.

  • mkr32208
    Obama is going to just plain let the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery do just that, in return for a few of those dollars that wound up in the Worldwide Second Dark Ages (and Pedophile Defense) Fund.

    WTF are you talking about? If they sold off every single asset they wouldn't have enough to make obama shit in the sink much less change the fundamental structure of the US (much less the world) Nobody cares what the the witnesses do, and I mean NOBODY. I would be surprised if Obama was even aware of the witnesses much beyond 'they don't celebrate Xmas...'

    Jeez why don't you try being a little paranoid for a change!

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