Blood, with fractions allowed, what 'transfusions' are prohibited

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  • insearchoftruth

    I know very little about medicine, but from the reading I have done on this and other boards, I understand that the matter of conscience to allow blood fractions has most likely saved many lives.

    Very few tranfusions done today are whole blood, but I don't know how many. Was wondering if anyone here knows what portion of transfusions that take place are not allowed.

  • Tuesday

    No transfusions are done of whole blood, once blood is collected it is separated right away for storage purposes. This has been the case since 1935. Even if someone received all the components of blood chances are they wouldn't be from the same donor just the same type of blood.

  • insearchoftruth

    Thanks Tuesday.....

    I guess what I am wondering, maybe I will state it better this time, is what medical practices today regarding blood transfusions would not be allowed as a matter of conscience, and if there are practices not allowed, how common are these practices.

    Not sure if I am asking my question correctly or not?

  • Tuesday

    Well a regular blood transfusion isn't allowed, however fractions of that blood transfusion are allowed. The literature leads people to believe that a blood transfusion is made up of whole blood, which it isn't. If someone is just explained what a transfusion actually is, then their argument as to not get one goes away.

  • Hoping4Change

    Like insearchoftruth, I also have been wondering what specific medical practices would not 'be allowed'. For example, would an exchange transfusion for a new born with an "unresponding to other treatments" case of severe jaundice, be allowed?

  • insearchoftruth

    Hoping4change, you stated the question much better than I, an example really helps!

  • TD

    Blood & Related Components/Fractions

    Whole blood = Forbidden

    Packed Red Cells = Forbidden

    Washed Red Cells = Forbidden

    Leukocyte reduded Red Cells = Forbidden

    Donor Leukocyte transfusion = Forbidden

    Plasma w/ Platelets = Forbidden

    Whole Plasma = Forbidden

    SD Plasma = ???

    IgG (gamma globulin) = Allowed (Transfusion or injection)

    Clotting factors = Allowed

    Rhogam & Winrho = Allowd

    Polymerized hemoglobin = Allowed

    5% & 10% Albumin solution = Allowed (Transfusion)

    Post exposure serums and antitoxins (IgG) = Allowed

    Interleukin solutions = Allowed

    Peripheral Stem Cells = Allowed

    Donor Bone marrow = Allowed

    Albumin as adjuvant or excipient = Allowed


    Predonation = Forbidden

    Autologous Transfusion = Forbidden

    Heart/Lung machine = Allowed

    Kidney Dialysis = Allowed

    Hemodilutoin = Allowed

    Apherisis = Allowed

    Blood Patch = Allowed

    Cell Saver / Blood Salvage = Allowed

    Reinfusion after testing = Allowed

  • Hoping4Change

    TD - is that list from an official WT doc (confidential or otherwise)? Any chance that they have produced/published such a document available to HLC members?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Crazy doctrine......abstain from blood?? Hypocites!

  • Hoping4Change

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