Seattle "Brother" Curtis Shane Thompson gets life, but not in the New World

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    Thompson sentenced to life for 2004 murderCurtis Thompson, a convicted sex predator already facing life in prison for other crimes, was sentenced today to life in prison for killing a Seattle woman in the Sand Point neighborhood nearly five years ago.

    By Jennifer Sullivan

    Seattle Times staff reporter

    Curtis Thompson, a convicted sex predator already facing life in prison for a 2004 crime spree, was sentenced this morning to life in prison for killing a Seattle woman in the Sand Point neighborhood nearly five years ago.

    The sentence caps the third time that Thompson, 49, has faced a King County jury since October for a series of crimes he committed in August 2004 in Seattle. With convictions for assault, rape, kidnapping, as well as the murder, Thompson will serve multiple life sentences.

    Jurors who found Thompson guilty last month of the first-degree murder of Deborah Byers, 45, also found that the crime was sexually motivated. The crime resulted in a mandatory life sentence.

    Byers, 45, was found stabbed to death in her apartment on Aug. 26, 2004.

    The combative Thompson had to be forced to attend this morning's sentencing hearing and at one point referred to Senior Deputy Prosecutor Scott O'Toole as "a punk." Thompson was wheeled into the courtroom in a restraint chair, as he has throughout the court proceedings, but became so disruptive that he was taken out of the courtroom before the sentence was announced.

    At various points during his three trials, Thompson has threatened to kill Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson, O'Toole, his attorney John Hicks, as well as relatives of his victims.

    "He's mean, he's cruel, he's sadistic, he's a coward," Byars' older sister, Nanci Newhall, said after Thompson was found guilty of murder last month.

    In February, a jury convicted Thompson of rape, burglary and vehicle theft for breaking into a woman's home on Aug. 17, 2004, and raping her. After the assault, Thompson poured bleach on the woman's body in an attempt to hide evidence.

    In October, another jury found him guilty of assaulting two women at a University District apartment building. The victims said Thompson followed them into the building on Aug. 23, 2004, forced them into an elevator, robbed one of her engagement ring and forced the other to remove her top.

    Thompson had previously served an 18-year prison sentence for four rapes in 1985. Upon completing the sentence in 2003, he was freed by a jury although King County prosecutors wanted to send him to a secure-treatment facility for sexual offenders.

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Wednesday, June 10, 2009
    Last updated 10:34 a.m. PT

    Curtis Thompson gets life again; this time for murderBy LEVI PULKKINEN

    Curtis Thompson, the serial rapist who terrorized Seattle during a violent crime spree five years ago, was sentenced to yet another life term in prison on Wednesday.

    This time, however, it was for murder, not rape.

    The sentence was for his conviction of murdering Deborah Byars, a Ravenna neighborhood mother of two killed in 2004.

    Thursday's first-degree murder guilty verdict marked the end of what was Thompson's last of three trials in King County Superior Court.

    The three cases all stem from a week-long spree in May 2004 during which Thompson raped one woman at her Eastlake home, tried to sexually assault two others at a University District apartment's elevator, and killed Byars. As in Byars' case, juries returned guilty verdicts in each assault.

    He had already been sentenced to life for the other 2004 assaults.

    Thompson's trip to a Department of Corrections cell after Wednesday's sentencing will mark a homecoming of sorts for the 47-year-old.

    Following a 1985 arrest, Thompson spent 18 years in prison after a jury convicted him on four counts of rape. Those extraordinarily violent assaults were similar to the 2004 attack during which Thompson raped a woman for hours, then doused her with bleach in an effort to cover up his crime. Byars' death was equally violent.

    Given an opportunity to confine Thompson indefinitely as a sexually violent predator, a King County jury declined to have him committed in 2003. He was back behind bars little more than a year later when he was caught attempting to assault two young women.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Killer barks like dog during sentencing

    10:38 AM PDT on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Staff

    SEATTLE – A violent serial rapist barked like a dog in the courtroom before being sentenced to a second life term Wednesday.

    Curtis Thompson, 49, was sentenced for the murder of 45-year-old Deborah Byars. The mother of two was stabbed to death in her Seattle apartment in August 2004. A jury found Thompson guilty of first-degree murder with sexual motivation.

    Thompson, who has been defiant both to judges and to his own defense attorneys, initially refused to come down to the courtroom Wednesday for the proceeding, but the judge ordered him down.

    Before sentencing convened, Thompson told the press that he was being railroaded.

    As relatives of Byars spoke to the judge, Thompson barked like a dog in the background.

    Finally, the judge had him removed from the courtroom prior to the sentence being read.

    Prosecutors say the murder was part of a crime spree by Thompson which included raping one woman in her Seattle apartment and assaulting two others in an elevator at an apartment complex in Seattle’s University District. Thompson was convicted of both. A judge sentenced him his first life term in March.

    Thompson spent 17 years in prison after four rape convictions in 1985. He was released back into society in 2003 after a King County jury failed to have him committed as a sexually violent predator.

    He’s considered so potentially violent, he was restrained in a chair throughout his trials and was wheeled in and out of the courtroom.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Wednesday, Jun. 10, 2009

    Rapist gets life sentence in Seattle for murderThe Associated Press SEATTLE A rapist already sentenced to life in prison has received another life term, without parole, in Seattle for murder.

    KOMO radio reports Curtis Thompson was removed from the courtroom Wednesday for an outburst at his sentencing. He said he's the victim, and the state provoked any monster in him.

    The 45-year-old was convicted last month in King County Superior Court of stabbing a woman to death during a sexual attack.

    It was the third conviction for Thompson for a crime spree in August 2004 that included rape and assaults.

    Thompson previously spent time in prison for four rapes, but in 2003 a Seattle jury declined to commit him as a sex predator because he said religion had transformed his life.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Brother Thompson arrives in time to conduct the Watchtower study:

    Brother curtis Thompson, rapist & murderer

  • JeffT

    I mentioned on the other thread that I live near Shoreline and that maybe I'd liven up the Sunday meeting. Maybe we should go there and bark like dogs.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Yes, JeffT!

    Interrupt the meeting and announce that you have a message for them from Brother Thompson, then start barking!


  • truthsetsonefree

    Now I lost track of this one. Is Brother Thompson still a JW? Or was he DF'd? He sounds either very defiant of the "superior authorities" or very mentally ill. Not to mention dangerous. I mean when you want to kill your own lawyer, something's wrong....

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    truthsetsonefree observed,

    He sounds either very defiant of the "superior authorities" or very mentally ill. Not to mention dangerous. I mean when you want to kill your own lawyer, something's wrong....

    Curtis shane Thompson is a psychopath. Part of the skill set of a psychopath is to figure out what people want to see or hear and give that to them as a way of gaining the advantage over them.

    Thompson's last ploy was that he had found religion and it had transformed his life. He's smart enough to know that isn't going to be well received a second time, so now he's playing crazy.

    I believe that the most effective transformative power for Curtis would be 600 volts at 50 amps, but the State of Washington is too progressive to destroy a predator, so they'll put him in prison and some day another inmate will smash his skull open on the bathroom sink.

    The last I heard, Curtis was still a JW in good standing because the pussy elders were afraid to meet with him. What a buch of flock-meisters in the Shoreline Wa congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses!

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    2960 NE 200th St,

    Shoreline,WA 98155

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