Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 06-07-09 WT Study (JOB NAME)

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    Good stuff Blondie!!..........Job had no idea who Jehovah was..It`s a translation error from a 14th century Catholic Monk!..Job had been dead for a very long long time!!..Before that mistake occured..LOL!!.......Dumb Ass WBT$,thinks no one reads about history...........................OUTLAW



    12.Nevertheless, Satan keeps testing Jehovah's worshippers. Each of us has the opportunity and the responsibility to demonstrate by our personal integrity that we serve Jehovah because we love him--not for selfish reasons. How do we view that responsibility? We see it as a privilege to be loyal to Jehovah. It also comforts us to know that Jehovah gives us the strength to endure and, as in the case of Job, that He sets limits to the trials we face.--1 Cor. 10:13.

    If Job and Jesus provided a complete answer why...................

    Good point Blondie! Funny how Jesus never spoke about this "universal issue" to his followers but left them with only 2 laws and many principles - none of which involve loyalty to any organization...

  • cameo-d


    You are doing a good work here in exposing the lies and treachery of the WT dictates, but I do worry about you.

    I get so angry when I read this shit and I wonder if you have convulsive vomiting from doing these readings and comments every week.

    Honestly, I don't know how you do it. I couldn't take it. Sometimes I cannot even read all of what you write because the mag quotes make me turn green.

  • WTWizard

    That whole book is a piece of s***. It only serves to replace modern-day solvings of problems with a stock example. Read the f***ing book of Job, notice the outcome, and pretend that is yours (when that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag Jehovah never meant for you to ever prosper). This has to be the biggest scam--Jehovah creates a problem (no opposite sex, ever) in my life, has no intention of ever letting it be solved, takes me to that piece of s*** in the Unholy Bible, and gets praise based on a fiction rather than the lambasion He deserves for not solving the problem in the first place.

    Now, Jehovah has two problems--the one He snaked on solving, and the fact that I will expose this as further proof that the Bible lies.

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