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    Star Trek

    These aren't the observations of a hard-core "Trekkie." --The only series I really got into was the original (And being 12 years old at the time probably had something to do with it.) --I do like good sci-fi though.

    If you're a fan of good sci-fi, this movie will offend your intelligence. Most writers of this genre seem to enjoy resolving time paradoxes in clever ways. Orci and Kurtzman (Of Transformers) didn't even seem to understand when they were createding a paradox and certainly had no clue on how to resolve the ones they created.

    Since these two writers weren't shy about paradoxes in stories involving time travel, you end up wondering why the villian didn't just save his homeworld early. After all, he had two ships from the future, red matter and over 100 years to work with.

    If you expect a story involving a military style of command to have at least a semblence of realism, this movie will offend your intelligence. Writers of past series understood the concept of promotional paths and a little bit of command psychology. Orci and Kurtzman do not. The path from raw, uncommissioned cadet to captain of the flagship of the fleet is an amazingly short one facilitated along the way by a lot of adolescent dialogue and pissing matches.

    If you enjoyed any of the television series, particularly the original, you might be slightly disappointed to realize that much of the past storyline has been trashed. A new time-line has been created and the whole story "rebooted." On the whole, that may not be a great loss, but at least the original episodes were written by some of the more gifted sci-fi writers of the time. That's much more than can be said about this movie

    Maybe some of this summer's other movies will be better.

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    Underworld Trilogy:

    This is a great trilogy of movies and how all of them are tied into each other. very entertaining in high definition. can watch it over and over.

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    My right brain loved Star Trek, but my left brain didn't. For a movie with a focus on Spock and logic, it was amazingly illogical.

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    For the loyal 60's trekkies.....YOU'VE GOT TO LET IT GO!! In order to continue on with great stories there has to be a transition. This new Star Trek is just what the doctor ordered. We get re aquainted with the original characters. Now we can move on with the personalities everyone fell in love with in the first place. The "Next Generation" features were fun, but something was the franchise has addressed this, and we can move on.

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