How old were you when you were baptized as a JW, and what was it like?

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  • boyzone

    I wonder that too Bonafide. Because I was baptized as a dedication to "God's Spirit-directed Organization" and said a loud YES to the questions, I wonder if my baptism is valid with God.

    I'll think I'll ask Password as he's recently baptised.

  • ex-nj-jw

    I was 13, I think, can't remember. But I did it because my parents told me it was time and I had to do it or get out. It wasn't special, I didn't feel anything special, I got dunked, dried off and ate lunch. No big deal. I don't even remember the date and could care less. I don't remember if my parents were happy or smiling or what the reaction was, I didn't care.

    The talk wasn't special, I do remember the walk from the front of the assembly hall to the bathroom. But I didn't feel moved or gawds holy spirt or anything spiritual. It meant absolutely nothing to me.


  • BonaFide

    It's funny how I thought everyone else who got baptized felt like me. But what a difference in emotions, and reasons to get baptized as well.

    The talks at the KH make it seem as if all baptisms are for the right reason.


  • Blithe Freshman
    Blithe Freshman

    I was 39. It was awful. I was not prepared for the Father, Son & org. part. I went under the water screemimg in my head "No Jehovah forgive me!!!" I have no memories of the rest of the day, I was traumatized.


  • penny2

    Scotinsw, welcome to JWn.

    I was 15. I really felt I was dedicating my life to Jehovah. Many others of my age got baptized on the same day (it was a DC).

    The day of my baptism stands out as the loneliest day of my life.

    Finally-Free, that's very, very sad. You weren't even invited to celebrate with the others who got baptized. What a horrible bunch in your congregation.


  • Roski

    13 - believed I was doing the right thing

  • four candles
    four candles

    So many baptised at an early age,I was 15 aswell and baptised at a curcuit assembly at Pontins Holiday camp in Prestatyn in Wales. Great weekend,I got dunked and then straight back in the pool at dinner time for a swim. I knew I was doing right at the time,and even now even though I don't go to meetings I still feel I can serve God in some way.I can't bring myself to go 'fully worldy' for want of a better expression.

    Any body else at that pontins gig??

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