My JW daughter getting married June 6th

by Gordy 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • mouthy

    Thanks Gordy I was wondering how it went. You were there in Spirit..
    If she ever comes out ,remember to tell her that.
    Isnt it so sad to think that a bunch of old men ,sitting in Brooklyn

    can drive loving families to hate. Shows who their god is.... Satan...
    Hang in there love. You never know what life brings round the corner

    I tell that to myself all the time hoping my loved ones will see the light.

  • Gordy

    Thanks Mouthy,

    As you say the dictates of a group of men in Brooklyn break up families.
    Yet they call it "loving" ??

    I could never get my head round the fact that their idea to help a family, is to break it up.
    To create animosity between people, to alienate family members from each other and call it "loving".

    Then they wonder why people will not return to them and then blame it on that person.

    It will backfire on them one day.

    We all hope that those who are still JWs will one day "see the light"


  • shamus100


    This has to be tearing you apart, and I am hoping you are okay.

    Keep positive people around you if you can, and always remember there is hope. Time changes so many things when it comes to religion - your daughter will realize that one day, I hope.

    Take care.

  • mcsemike

    First, Gordy, I'm sorry for your situation. The same thing just happened to me. I last spoke to my ex-wife in March and she said my 23 year old daughter was getting married soon, before the end of June. She lies to me so I don't know which month for sure. I was not invited and was told if I even showed up at the hall for the vows, they'd call the police. I'm considered by many in NJ to be one of the 10 biggest apostates in the USA. I post on Silent Lambs as a counselor, having gotten my BA in Psych after my wife left me in 2001 and took my then 16 year old child. I moved here to Florida in 2005 and have not spoken to my daughter, gotten a letter from her, nothing.

    I can't tell you what to do, we are all different. But if I had been invited even to the vows and a 20 minute visit after the reception (which I know I couldn't go to), I'd have driven to NJ alone to do so. My college professors, all with doctorates in Psych, and some with multiple degrees and radio shows, all told me to show unconditional love to her no matter what she does. Some of them have children (grown) who are shunning them for reasons not religious but just life in general. A few have had success with a one-way love method although it took years.

    I won't sink to their level. But my daughter had been molested as a young child for 4 years and I don't consider her to be in her right mind. I don't know how I would view this if it were just the typical DF or DA bullshit. But a person who might need therapy for life cannot be blamed for some things they do, in my opinion. I won't go into details but there were also issues of suicide, attempted and completed, within this situation. So this is not your usual WT family breakup.

    I can only hope that someday she will see the light. I will gain nothing by being hostile to anyone in my family, there's been enough of that. My remaining business is with the WT, the elders who knew the molestation was occurring and never warned us, and of course the pedophile. Before I die, I will see justice done. We all know the WT will ignore it but Florida is not at all tolerant of their shenanigans. I am a prolific writer and soon all of Central Florida will know about the WT's conduct. The NJ courts were very lenient but I will not be using them to obtain my personal justice.

    My ex-wife has to live with what she's done. If you want to see true gall, I was approached with the request to inform people if I had any new person in my life so someone else could "begin a new relationship". As was said, I am not going to play by their rules. There is nothing left that the WT can do to hurt me. I lost my wife, my child, my job, my home, and some of my health. But I can find another woman, a new job, I have a new home, and I'm treating my health. My child is the only thing I'm missing. So I'm free to attack the WT in the media without fear of punishment or loss.

    I have tried to reason with everyone involved. They say "don't even go there". Fine. So when they come to the door we call the cops. Many JW's in Florida have been told to leave the area since the police know that pedophiles might be among them. I am bringing the famous "murder letter" to all of the law enforcement agencies and also to the media. I'm sure they would love to learn that the WT told a local BOE that they could baptize a man who was wanted for murder and should not tell the police. But that same man had smoked pot and they were to form a committee about THAT. The world will soon see the insanity of the WT baby-raping cult.

    I know this included extra thoughts before a simple wedding. I thought it would encourage some who read this that there is hope for those who have split families. I can see the psychological issues brewing among JW's. I believe that soon there will be a day of reckoning. And I know the WT will lose. We have more people, more money by far, and more brains. We outnumber them 1,000 to one. There are thousands of JW's debating whether to quit or not. It's like the book "1984" but in this case, THE PARTY is going to be smashed.

    In closing, I would like to remind people that some events in life only happen once or rarely: a wedding, a grandchild's birth, etc. You can't go back and see it again. Please think very carefully about any decision you make. I wish everyone health and all good things. (M.A.N.)

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