why do you think child molester was so calm in my presence?

by looloo 17 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • BonaFide

    LooLoo, how long was the Molester in prison? Is his job legitimate, I mean is he around children? Is he a registered sex offender?

    I am thinking that one of the things that people always say to a child molester is that they are evil. That, in my opinion, doesn't work. People who are evil DON'T CARE when you tell them that, and it MAKES NO IMPACT on them.

    I don't know how I would react to such a situation, I don't have any children. But in reflecting on your posts and on others posts, I think I would definitely attack their manhood. Anyone who would touch a child like that is not a man. I would imply in court that they are embarrased and humiliated because they are so inadequate that they tried to victimize a smaller person.

    Something like that I think I would try.

    If you got some closure with the way you spoke to him, good for you. I am just thinking of ways to impact the abuser.

    If someone attacked my children I would definitely be in prison, and it wouldn't be for murder, they would be missing what they used as a weapon.


  • BonaFide

    Also, looloo, do the other employees there know he is a child molester? Do THEY have children? Does his boss know? Do children ever go to that workplace? Interesting to see what you could do there.

    I would love to put his face on a huge poster and anonymously put CHILD MOLESTER, BEWARE!!! on the company's front door.


  • looloo

    this may sound strange but yes his boss and fellow male workers know he has served time in prison for kissing children and touching breasts of 14 year old friends of his daughters as he did admit those charges but denied raping , oral sex etc and the fact that the victims had said they were 11 , 12 and 13 yrs at the time of abuse . he has convinced his boss that the victims and mothers all told lies about him ! despite admitting the things he got 3 years for his boss actually believes him !!!!! and has a teenage daughter (who i had been worried about which is why i reported it to the police as my child was too scared to get the police involved) his boss was in court supporting him at the sentencing and was scoffing at my child crying and victim impact statements that were read out , i presume that the others believe him also despite knowing he has done it before ! i dont know about if children go there his boss dosnt think he has done anything to be ashamed of and should hold his head high ! its ignorant morons like that that piss me off just as much as the bastard that did it ! and as for putting a poster up on the door somebody already did that and i got the blame according to his family members (wasnt me but good idea though)t

  • wobble

    Peadophiles have a frightening (support) network, it is possible that this Guy's boss is a pedo too, though never convicted or outed.

    Do as much as you can to neutralise their power.

    I think Bonafide is right about finding another way to attack, pedos definately have compartments in the brain that shut off right thinking, a bit like serial killers, sort of Jekyll and Hyde.



  • looloo

    you just summed him up wobble and it took me being face to face with him to realise that as i couldnt comprehend how someone can lie so well before that .

  • Quandry

    it took me being face to face with him to realise that as i couldnt comprehend how someone can lie so well before that .

    I am so sorry, looloo.

    I hope that now that you have done this you can re-focus your efforts on your own mental health, and that of your family. Please do not spend any more of your valuable time trying to convince the morons that work with this man that he is dangerous. Please focus your efforts on things that will have a more positive outcome.

    I hope that your daughter is doing well. Please tell her constantly that you are proud of her and she is loved. I am sure she needs the reassurance often after her ordeal.

  • looloo

    your right and i dont waste my time hating all hiss supporters anymore like i used to and my daughter has her 1st boyfriend now and hes so nice and caring to her i think she may be able to move on now so i can also thanks

  • LouBelle

    At times you come across people that just don't care. They don't care if they hurt, they don't care if they lie about it, they really don't give a shit because it's all about them. Those are the people to beware of.

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