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  • awildflower

    How do we know it's a hoax and not the other stuff?

  • Narkissos

    awf: apparently you didn't read the page I pointed you to yet, let alone check the references. Ancient sources do tell us what the Council was really about. The legend that it dealt with the canon of scripture arose much later.

  • awildflower

    I'm getting to that, calm down! I just asked a question is all. It just seems that people want to 'believe' this or that and I want to know why. To me all knowledge can be discredited or credited depending on who you talk to. I don't want to end up 'believing' one thing or the other, I just found this stuff interesting. I plan on reading everything you posted for enjoyment, thank you.

  • allelsefails

    Thaks for all the links and info. Some I have seen some I haven't. I don't have a PHD nor do I have access to all the oldest manuscripts. I'm trying to write a series of articles to use when talking to an open-mind JW. (there are a few) I'm writing them in a way that would have appealed to me a year ago. Any advice on this approach is also welcome. Thanks for everyone's input.

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    My Struggle

    all else,

    you have a pm

  • allelsefails

    Wild fact - the very first list that has the 27 books used today as NT Scripture was in 367 AD! (And that did not have the same list of OT books) That is the most stunning fact I found Catholic Churches had already decided Jesus=GOD before they ever decided what the Chiristian bible was. Good stuff.

  • reniaa

    The biggest give away of the human authorship of apocrypha is their drawing from bible information and speculating around that. they tend to pick figures that appear in the bible and sometimes write from the first perspective of the person or about their life.

    The judas one is a good example of the author is trying make judas into a good guy.

    there are religious groups that made apocrypha that put the tone of their own religious beliefs. Agnostics were famous for this and also the apocrypha are always written later when people have read the bible books and been encourage to speculate in writting about them.

    Research by scholars have confirmed the actual books of the bible were not confused with the apocrypha by the people of the times although a couple were contested by certain later groups.


  • allelsefails

    Reniaa - you missed the point. This is not about the "apocrypha". If anything this is about too many books in the canon not too few. Christianity would be a better religion if Jesus words as quoted in the Synoptic Gospels were followed. The history of the Greek Scriptures is this - the very first list ever that has the 27 books we use today was written in 367AD! not 100, not 200, not 300. 334 years after Jesus died. These books were selected by people you believe are "apostates". People who in 325AD decided Jesus was God. Why do you trust them to pick your bible books for you?

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