DMV experience--has this happened to you?

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  • Pandoras cat11
    Pandoras cat11

    Hi guys, I hope all of you had a better day than me!! I need to vent.

    So, today I went to the DMV to renew my drivers license. Should be easy huh? I had all my personal info with me: my original drivers license, my birth certificate, and my social security card. Well the stupid state I live in passed a new law last year that says you have to have the ORIGINAL birth certificate that is filed at the record department in the county you were born in. Now, I didn't know this and so after waiting in line (that is a whole other story), and having the clerk tell me this in such a thick accent that he couldn't accept my birth certificate----I just went about postal. The guy behind the counter gave me a website that is called vitalchek and you put down all your info and they take care of getting your certificate. That cost $40.00. I payed extra so that it would be sent sent faster---we will see. This gets better. To request this info you had to print out their form and have it notorized. This was $5.00. I had to swear that I was who I was. Actually, at that time I was cracking up laughing. So I am out $45.00 and still have no license!!! The fee here is $39.00. A quick tally and you can see that the whopping total is $84.00. You know, I love this country but sometimes I wonder what is wrong with these idiots running the government.

    Sorry----I'm getting all worked up again!!

    Pandoras cat (ready to scratch someone)

  • OnTheWayOut

    No, it's never been that bad. You shouldn't need all that to renew a license. You had a valid license.

    I imagine some politician's cousin opened that website, so the requirement changed. But I am cynical that way.

    I remember one time I went to renew my license and had a fairly smooth time with the clerk, but then went to the person who takes my picture. She had a backed up line, so I stood at the mirror and combed my hair, then when I got to stand in front of the camera, the lady tells me to smile and move a little over and she didn't do something right, so she takes another picture, then I had to wait for the machine that processes the pictures onto the license. When she calls my name, I get the license and look at the picture. It was me, but it was the old picture from the old license. I asked "What's this?" She said the computer retains all the photos and she didn't like the new photo.

    Another time, I was required to take the written test. I took it and the lady slid my answer sheet into some slot and said "You missed one question, but you passed." I asked what question I missed. "I don't know" was her answer, "I already put your sheet in the slot, you don't need to worry about it, you passed."

    "Don't you think we should know what we get wrong, so that we become better drivers? I mean, if I don't know something, I would like to know it, so I don't get a ticket or drive wrong."

    "Well, whatever... You passed."

  • Pandoras cat11
    Pandoras cat11

    On TheWayOut--

    You are right, I shouldn't have to have all that info to renew my license. This law went into effect last July. Your DMV experience made me laugh. Your photo girl missed her calling for being "professional photographer". HEHEE

  • roadrunner_fan

    Nope never had that happen

    Thankfully PennDot allows for renewal online.

  • kurtbethel

    Welcome to the paperwork universe. Some people take paperwork so seriously that they will deny the evidence presented to their own eyes if it deviates from what the paperwork tells them.

  • Scott77

    Iam so lucky to come from state where renewing one's driver lincense is only done on line. You just pay about $45.00 and it comes in the mail within two weeks. Howeer, the internet site will ask personal questions only known to you and them. Its so easy for me. Sorry dude for the delay.


  • HintOfLime

    I guess I'm lucky too. While going to the DMV used to be a painful hour wait, in the last few years they've really improved it. They even removed the majority of of chairs in the waiting area because they're just no use for them anymore. The greeters at the front door make sure you have all the required documentation before they'll give you a number, and now they have several number dispensers depending on what exactly you're trying to do.

    It's amazing what a few procedural optimizations and updated software can do.

    - Lime

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