Filthy Kingdon Hall at last nights Meeting! Swine Flu Shame!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Cute little African kid greeted me at the door...nice. But, the Hall has been skipped afew times by the hall cleaning brothers. See about 10 Congregations meet there so I guess they think....the next guys will vaccum, dis-infect etc. The toilets I went to smelled worse then a Nightclub petrol/gas station toilet. It Stank and was dirty! They obviously have not been disinfected for a while. {Even though it's Winter and we have a major Swine Flu epidemic here 450 cases in our State} The hall carpet where I sat had bits of paper and rubbish on the floor....the last group didn't vaccum.....and, suprisingly we stayed back awhile and NOBODY did any cleaning in our Cong. either!

    Somewhere Jehovah is crying!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Daughter just said that Japanese toilets talk to them and say, "Thank you!"

    Maybe you guys need to invest in some that say, "Wash me!"

  • rebel8
  • sspo

    Stay home and let the elders know why you are not there.

  • cattails

    Write to the Branch!

    Tell them you were stumbled.

  • NanaR

    Well, at our Hall the cleaning schedule ran by bookstudy groups. Now there are no bookstudy groups.

    Unintended consequences maybe?

    Or maybe the window washer -- floor cleaner -- house cleaning elders/elders wives are just too tired after cleaning up after all those worldly folk to give any attention to Jehovah's house.

    Shows quite a bit of disrespect, and puts the lie to the claim that the Witnesses always leave everything cleaner than they found it.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yes I will tell the Elders I refuse to go to Meetings because the mens {Brothers} Toilet smells like a truck stop toilet, with urine everywhere!

  • blondie

    They may not have book studies any more but they do have field service groups.

    I was in a congregation that shared a KH with 2 other congregations. Things went fine until the cleaning time between weekday meetings fell by the wayside. The congregation I was in promptly told the PO of the "offending" congregation to get on the ball. Those that got early to the KH in our congregation were alert to emptying the trash, cleaning the toilets, sinks and mirrors and giving the entry way a swipe with the vacuum. It turned out it was the PO's group that were not doing their cleaning.


  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    I used to be in a kingdom hall that was obsessed with cleaning the hall. Ironically it was the fact that the hall was shared that made them so paranoid about making sure everything was spotless for the next congregation, so there would be no complaints from the other congregation - it was like some kind of inter-congregational competition for who could leave the hall the most spotless. Every damn meeting there were announcements about it. Loads of brothers and sisters would immediately begin cleaning and vacuuming no matter how clean things already were. And if you didn't join in cleaning you were basically held in contempt. But No one ever seemed to complain about the drafty and cold air-conditioning pumping out on everyone all winter. Pathetic.

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