Elke Sommers Haunted House "Story"

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  • VM44

    The Awake! magazine (or possibly it was even The Watchtower) once endorsed this story about the "haunted house" of actress Elke Sommers.

    Here is essentially ALL of the information to found on the internet concerning the house.

    "Actress Elke Sommers and her husband Joe Hyam witnessed supernatural phenomena in the dining room of their North Berverly Hills home from 1964 to 1968. The apparition of a middle-aged man wearing a white shirt and tie was seen by guests on five separate occasions. Investigators from the American Society for Psychical Research and UCLA monitored unexplainable physical events in the house and produced a psychological profile of the ghost. The Hyams moved out after being awakened one night by mysterious knocking on their bedroom door. They opened the door to find the hallway filled with smoke from a fire that had started in the downstairs dining room. The house was bought and resold seventeen times in the next few years, and over thirty people, including scientists and well known Hollywood personalities, have witnessed strange events here. This house is now a private residence at 2644 Benedict Canyon Drive in North Beverly Hills."

    "This house is now a private residence..."???? What is that supposed to mean? That it wasn't a private residence when Elke Sommers lived there?

    Why am I posting this? To ask the question that if this "haunting" at this specific location was so well documented then why is it so very hard to find any additional information concerning it? Where is the UCLA report? or for that matter, where is the Psychical Research report? Nowhere to be found! What about the reports of the 17 owners who have lived there? Nothing is to be found!

    If anyone can find anything more to the story please post it to this thread.

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  • TheOldHippie

    I fail to see what should be a scandal here. The story you refer to, was not printed in the Watchtower, only this footnote reference:

    "A recent case, advertised on the front page of The Saturday Evening Post of July 2, 1966, was “The Haunted House of Elke Sommer.” A check made with previous owners of the house showed a history of its being haunted."

    It is Watchtower 1966, December 15th, footnote on page 744 as part of the article "Repelling the Attack of Wicked Spirits".

    A quick Google search brought tens of refernces to the story, also included in books to be bought at Amazon.

  • MissingLink

    If those ghosts there are so reliable, why hasn't someone put cameras in there and gotten some good video? Prove it, or move along.

    The WT loves ghost stories! Fear is one of their main tools (just like most religions).

  • Atlantis

    A recent case, advertised on the front page of The Saturday Evening Post of July 2, 1966, was “The Haunted House of Elke Sommer.” A check made with previous owners of the house showed a history of its being haunted. See the article “Are Haunted Houses Hoaxes?” in Awake! of June 22, 1965. (pp.5-7) N.

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  • VM44

    Wow, the actual articles!

    Thank you greatly Atlantis for making both of them available.

    Now everyone can read exactly what was written about the subject.

  • VM44

    To: TheOldHippie,

    Thank you for looking into the subject and doing a Google search.

    When I searched using Google I found that most all of the articles online simply repeated the same information (if not the same sentences) concerning the haunted house of Elke Sommers.

    I did not find any references though to books on Amazaon, do you still have the links for them?

    There is a DVD at Amazon called "Hollywood Ghost Stories" that has a customer rating of only one star.


    A customer wrote concerning this film: "...clips of old horror movies, from Bela Lugosi to the movies The Exorcist, Poltergeist, and other films of that era. It had Elke Sommer giving the most interesting narrative about her haunted house. "

  • VM44

    Was this "haunted house" story just a means for Elke Sommer to get additional publicity?

  • VM44

    These two articles deserve a thread of their own to go over them in detail!

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