Does the Vatican Have a Secret Army?

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    Yes..And..It`s not a secret..............................................OUTLAW

  • Caedes
    Apparently those "court jester" types have been around a long time.

    Please tell me you realise that is a medieval painting and as such not an entirely accurate portrait of common forms of dress at the time of Jesus?!

  • LouBelle

    I think the Vatican can call on 3 sets of "police" or guards.

    1. The actuall Vatican police

    2. The Roman police

    3. The swiss guard is the highest station in the vatican.

  • read good books
    read good books

    Isn't it wierd we have these private armies running around that can go fight side by side with our army in in Iraq, kill people, stink up our name and whose responsible? Some day if they choose the elite can turn these armies on us to bring in a Police State. Their Unconstitutional and a danger to Democracy, the public shouldn't stand for it.

    And another thing the elite can have their private police force to protect themselves and their interests but they don't want to let the average citizen even have a gun to protect themselves, it shows you what a high value they put on their own saftey and what a low value they put on everyone elses.

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