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    ..to death of JW junk....here is the summary of the 3 hour discussion we just had with a couple of long term JW's...past Elders - still entrenched with absolute control. A lot of things brought out and here is what they said:

    - the WTS is far less rigid than it was ever before. This is because the GB realizes the fraility of humans and so in fact, they even found a way to make it less work for home bounds and disabled to put in time by any means, less time and it's all done with great compassion.

    - the latest generation change means nothing. One must go with the flow and simply trust that God knows best. It doesn't matter if people died believing something else, God knows what was in their heart. They can't feel cheated (brought up no kids, no marriage, no education, no money) because they believed and it was a test of their faith. We are here to endure and our only job is to serve God.

    - 1975. This was mostly the fault of the Brothers who misunderstood and it was a test of the faith. If you lost or gave up everything and stayed in the organization, then that was good because it showed you were and are faithful. If you walked away after, it means that you only were a JW for selfish reasons and should have been weeded out. This was a time to clean out the society of the unfaithful.

    - Disfellowshipping. They are far more lenient now in disfellowshipping - it takes a lot to get disfellowshipped these days. Why - he even knew someone who got disfellowshipped for gluttony, so it proves the WTS is showing fairness in all things. A disfellowshipped one can talk to the Elders of spiritual matters at any time and seek their counsel to help them. He said he was proud to have brothers and sisters avoid him at gatherings because it proved their faith to the WTS.

    - the society won't disfellowship you if you go on the internet or go to a library or read books on religion - but if you have doubts you should go to your Elders. They are the learned men and know a lot more.

    - the 144,000 are not cut off and that's a wonderful thing because it allows those who have the heavenly calling to not feel guilty - they should partake.

    - the generation is now infinity. There is no definite and although it is coming, we don't know when - we know more now and it was all just misunderstood before.

    - the generation of 1914 was not doctrine and therefore, it was not a big deal for it to change. When we brought forth that many people were taught that it was doctrine, they disagreed and refused to acknowledge the importance of that doctrine to some people in the WTS. They see it as irrelevant, even though we know for a fact that one of they guys lost privileges because of his argument against it - he lied with such ease. I asked him what doctrine the WTS could change that would make him leave or that would shake him up? He wouldn't answer. I suggested that if the WTS changed it's stance on the Trinity, that he would leave in a heartbeat..he wouldn't agree except to say that they wouldn't do that. I suggested he think about the importance of that doctrine to him, in relation to the 1914 generation change, in the lives of others.

    It was pretty worthless. All lies - and lying to our face. I asked them how they knew that this was the 'truth'...after all, using the generation change in 1995, up to that point if the society had the truth, was it the truth for 100 years or is it the truth now with the change? That makes it a crap shoot as far as belief. They said that it was a test of faith - they had to keep believing even if they had some doubts. So in essence I said, Jesus could have chosen the WTS as the faithful and discreet slave in the beginning - but how do you know that Satan isn't running it now?


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    This is why I like to print up brochures for the Flying Spaghetti Monster for when they knock on my door. I like to try to convert them.


    These brochures are in pdf format, 8.5″ x 11″, double sided. To save, right click on the link and save to disk. Print them out and convert the masses.

    8.5×11DS PDF

    8.5×11DS PDF

    8.5×11DS PDF


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    Great, now I'm sick to!........

  • sammielee24

    Oh..and I forgot the biggie...quoting old Watchtower articles doesn't matter so don't bother. The society is made up of imperfect men so it doesn't matter if things change..one must remain loyal no matter what. They ignored every single WT article and quote we brought out but they would refer to the odd one if it suited their own purpose. sw

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Sounds an awful lot like 'We all LOOOOVE Reverend Jones. He looks out for us. We have a little bit of paradise here. He cares for us. Now, let's do what he says - line up and drink the kool aid.'

    There's no hope for those who love being controlled till death do us part.


  • dinah

    The last elder who darkened my door got his feelings hurt because he was 25 years old. Oopsie! I'm sure he's a good kid and all, but I won't take advice on life from him.

    They haven't been back in about 3 years. And I have all these "questions"!!

  • mindmelda

    Rolling with the punches, aren't they? My mom says the same about 75. But, I know it was in the magazines, stated definitely. Jedi mind tricks, they has them.

  • kzjw

    - the generation is now infinity. There is no definite and although it is coming, we don't know when - we know more now and it was all just misunderstood before.

    WTF? I know they can't be spewing this in publications, was this just a converation or did they actually point to this as an answer?

  • villabolo

    I could tolerate such bilge to a point if the JWs are younger than me and/or have been in the religion for 15 years or less but if they're long term Witnesses that where in the organization from the 1970's onward then I lose my patience and become very honest about what I think of them. I would recite a line from one of my poems and tell them "You're going to grow old and die following the Watchtower lie".

  • sammielee24

    WTF? I know they can't be spewing this in publications, was this just a converation or did they actually point to this as an answer?

    Refer to your Feb 15, 2008 Watchtower. There is no end - the apostles are the beginning of that generation however, we were told that this was the first fullfillment for the Jewish system of things and the secondary fulfillment starts in 1914. Although this is not what the WT article says, we, we were assured, with great conviction, that this is what they mean. Without any interpretation, it does state that generation began in 33CE and is still going on today with no end in sight.

    Bear in mind, we wanted this visit in order to try and get a pile of these changes explained and confirmed and we did not divulge our status as a lifer/ex Elder and a student to them. This was to allow us to hear what they had to say and what they would say to someone they were trying to recruit into the truth..which is why we saw through all the nonsense and picked up on every lie. sammieswife.

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