How to make perfect iced tea... southern style.

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  • snowbird

    LOL @ Doc.

    He forgot the t, you smart-mouth little Griffin.


  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Elsewhere, I make my sweet iced tea almost exactly like you. All your tips are good.

    I have also had good luck with the electric iced tea makers. It seems to heat up the water to just the right temperature.

  • PrimateDave

    lol! I do everything you say I shouldn't! Well, at least I can get tea bags in the supermarkets here in Puerto Rico. Seems a bit strange that Canadians and some others can't get real tea as easily.


  • megs

    lol, we have loads of tea here dave! I do not, however, know what "family sized" tea bags are???

  • PrimateDave

    Ah, yes, now I see. "Family" size bags! I used to get them back in the States, but those aren't available here in PR either. My northern grandparents used to make "tea" from Lipton powder. Yuck! My souhtern grandmother made real iced tea.


  • Scully

    Elsewhere, you forgot the bourbon in your recipe.

  • Quillsky

    For sweet tea: Add a slightly heaping 1/3 cup of sugar or calorie free sweener (the kind of sweetner that is, by volume, the same as sugar)

    Add 1/4 cup of Peach Juice (This is more girly... but I like it )

    It makes more nutritional sense to add flavor and sweetness with a pure fruit juice, like peach, than to add heaploads of sugar. I'm also trying to understand why the tea should be diluted with so much water. Does any tea flavor remain?

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