Some Early Church Fathers even ignored the name YHWH

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  • prologos
    Isaac Newton used the name in the 1600 ties, "Jeova Sanctus Unus" he called himself as an alias for his secret works. being a Genius does not make you a religious authority though. (from " the day the sky fell" page 79 by david darling.)
  • Crazyguy

    The bible copiers and the phrase YHWH is a fraud, where the word or phrase YHWH is used in the original writings the word Elohim was written meaning gods. The Septuagint writers inserted the word Adonai which means lord or baal.

    In one old manuscript found they found the word Iao, which was a name related to the god Helios. I would not be surprised if the original writings each listed the god that particular writer was worshipping, for example Hosea worshiped RA for in his writing he states that god is from Egypt. Then Ezra say worshipped Marduk. Later when all these writings were gathered together they took out the names of all these gods and inserted YHWH, making it seem as though all these writings were about the same god.


    One name is above all others. Only one name to call to be saved. One judgement from one name.

    What was that name again?

    just asking....


    Jesus of course

    ...sorry for killing this thread..

  • redvip2000

    If the text uses the original tetragrammaton then that's what should be translated.

    You can't translate the tetragrammaton. It can only be transliterated. Now, if you do that, then you can't pronounce it because there are no vowels. So someone decided to insert some vowels from a different name in order to be able to pronounce it.

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