[REPOST] Memorial Non-Attendance: The Single Most Impactful TTATT Witness to Family and Friends

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  • sparrowdown

    If I honestly believe the JW religion is cruel and dangerous family-hating cult - which I do by the way.

    I would no sooner "pay respect" to their beliefs by attending their memorial than I would attend a neo-nazi pep rally.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    why the use of the word "memorial" isnt this just watchtowerese ?
  • dubstepped
    Part of my newfound mental freedom is freedom from caring what others think. I'll be there because it is about me (and my wife) and Jehovah/Jesus, and I'm not worried about what others think anymore. People can take our presence as they wish, for good or for bad. They aren't my friends and never were, and as such don't get to project their expectations into my life anymore. I see it as one chance I have to go do something that I can actually be in agreement with and to let the rest fall where it may. I value the relationship that I've built with Jehovah since having my eyes opened (I had no such thing while doing all of the "right" things inside the congregation) and see this as a way to show my appreciation.
  • mrquik
    It has been said "not to waste time because that's what life is made of." I wholeheartedly agree. After 50 yrs in, I have wasted enough time in vain. I will never waste another minute of my life. I attend funerals at Halls for ex- in-laws & ex friends just for the shock effect. I want them to see me well off & happy. I always bring my beautiful wife. That, I believe, is not a waste of time. Plus I get immense pleasure out of it. (I know you think I'm a sick, demented ex-elder.......you're right!!!)
  • bafh

    I agree - in that it is the last remnant by which a person signals their detachment from the WT.

    That is exactly why I go. Not going may lead people to think I'm "dangerous" to their spirituality (which I'm not). So for me, it is an hour out of my life that keeps my relationship with people I care about intact.

    I don't put any energy into worrying about what people think about me when I go. I go because it makes my life easier.

    And I find that being respectful of other people's beliefs works too. Isn't that what we want - to be respected? Then it is my opinion that we must respect them to be respected.

  • Heaven

    stanlivedeath said: why the use of the word "memorial" isnt this just watchtowerese ?

    It's the JW word for 'funeral'. They 'flock' (ahem) annually to Jesus' funeral.

    They gather on the wrong day to NOT do what Jesus supposedly instructed all Christians to do.

    Hence, the moniker this event has been given it by the ex-JW community:

    The Reject/Ignore Jesus Party.

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