What must I do to be saved?

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  • Colton

    Most JWs at the door are hoping you (the householder) isn't well-versed in the Bible. If you are a strong Christian and already attend a church ... they can't touch you. They will not waste time trying to convert you and quickly make haste.

  • Quirky1

    Remember they are looking for the unlettered and ordinary..... and that's okay until the unlettered and ordinary find out that the JW's are mentally unstable and believe in demons.

  • the research lady
    the research lady

    From the November 1,1990 Watchtower page 26 par. 16 comes this "As Christians we face up to similar challenges today. We cannot take part in any modern version of idolatry--be it worshipful gestures toward an image or symbol or the imputing of salvation to a person or an organization". Now in the same year the Kingdom Ministry November issue on the first page under the heading "Directing Bible Students to Jehovah's Organization par. 1 states "Bible students need to get acquainted with the organization--they must appreciate that identifying themselves with Jehovah's organization is essential to their salvation". which information do we believe?

  • undercover
    What must I do to be saved?

    This is by no means an comprehensieve list, but it's a start: (disclaimer: as in life itself, there are no guarantees)

    Stay out of war zones and where there is civil unrest

    Avoid the Somalia coastline and the Gulf of Arden (there be pirates there, aarrggh)

    Drive defensively

    Wear your seatbelt

    If you ride a bike or motorcycle, wear a helmet and protective clothing

    Don't cross against the light

    See your doctor regularly


    Eat a low fat diet

    Eat your vegetables

  • parakeet

    It's too bad Buddhists don't do fs. If you asked one what you must do to be saved, they'd probably answer, "From what must you saved?"

    parakeet, of the one-hand-clapping class

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