1 Kings 22: 22-23 God send forth a lying spirit.

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  • Vidiot

    freemindfade -

    Makes God sound bipolar.

  • Vidiot

    james mixon - "Now I understand the JW God, Jehovah; he sent the lying spirit to direct the witnesses."

    It's funny.

    When I was young, I questioned my loyalist JW (but otherwise kind and decent) father about the mistaken beliefs JWs had held to in the past.

    He told me that God had directed/permitted it to happen because "it was what was necessary at the time to keep Jehovah's people united in a world dedicated to snuffing them out, plus, if they'd received the full Truth all at once, they wouldn't have been able to handle it" (paraphrasing, but that's the gist). Credit where credit's due; it was a pretty compelling explanation at the time (I suspect he came up with it himself, because I'd never seen it in any publications).

    Looking back, remembering that explanation is probably what kept me in as long as it did.

    Even though I'd come to suspect that a number of current things the WTS taught were mistaken, I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that it would all get sorted out eventually.

    However, concluding that (among other things) evolution was true, and subsequently concluding that the WTS could never budge on it (for a shit-ton of ideological reasons which I've gone over before), made me realize that that would never happen.

  • blondie
    Actually, the word bipolar is being used incorrectly and is an insult to people who suffer with that physical illness.
  • Vidiot

    Sorry; just meant it as a joke.

    How about "Makes God sound like a crazy asshole"?

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