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    If you take away their "Reasoning" book you'll get alot of stuttering and they'll just leave.

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    I am looking forward to more from you, Tom.

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    Welcome to the board.

    In my experience as a JW, they know how to use certain scriptures to defend some WT doctrines, but outside of that narrow segment of scriptures and beliefs, they have little understanding of the Bible. If you ask questions that are outside of their comfort zone, they will not have an answer and often try to steer the conversation back to the handful of subjects they are comfortable talking about.

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    Hi thomas - welcome

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    the guy I work with insists that the creation days in Gen 1 are actually 1000 years. I understand that this is due to WT time setting

    Welcome. Sorry I did not see your first post before.

    It is difficult to argue with a Witness, as I'm sure you've found out. I was one for over thirty years. I know the blank stare tactic well. He is thinking inside, "Oh, this poor, deluded person."

    Actually, JWs do not believe that each creative day is 1,000 years long. No, they are SEVEN THOUSAND years long. The 1,000 years he might be referring to is the last 1,000 years-the ones where Christ reign.

    Yes, I can hear your whaaaat?

    Because this means that the first plants, then dinosaurs, then domestic animals were all created within 49,000 years. I didn't realize they believed this until many years after I was baptized. You must also swallow this-the dinosaurs didn't eat meat-yep-because they were living before the mandate to Noah that meat could be eaten. A good dub (Witness) must really supress brain cells to accept this.

    This would be an interesting subject to pin this person down on. Have him show you references from the literature. I also know that recently fossils of a velociraptor and a protoceratops were found together-each had died fighting the other. Maybe you could find a picture and show it to this person. Perhaps this witness might feel that the velociraptor mistook the protoceratops for a large vegetable?

    There are many teachings that you can have fun with. Ask about the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. The WTS has gone back and forth on whether the inhabitants will/will not be resurrected many times. Ask what the current teaching is-is it true? If so, it shouldn't change, but is he sure it won't?.

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