So, we had a baby !

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    I'm delighted to say our latest addition to the family, Fergus Keir Hunter, was born on Saturday morning - 6.06am - weighing in at 6lbs 12oz. Mum and baby are both doing very well. Our other two kids are very pleased, Cameron in particular; he's now got the wee brother he's always wanted.

    I twittered throughout the pregnancy and you can find the 'tweets' here.

    Fergus Keir Hunter

  • PanzerZauberei


    I hope you feel the joy forever!

  • JWdaughter

    That is one gorgeously handsome baby boy. Beautiful. He looks wonderfully healthy and strong. I hope momma is doing well. Congratulations! I am always so pleased to see the joy new babies bring the world.

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    @ JWdaughter - yeah he's very strong, even the midwife was commenting on it as he had his first bath. His mum is doing very well, she's strong too and managed to deliver him with no pain relief!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Congratulations Mark and Gail, he's a bonny wee thing.


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    Sidenote; this is our first child outside of the WTS. He was conceived just before we stopped attending the meetings (and subsequently DAd). Gail and I have talked about this often. Fergus will never know or experience;

    • Kingdom Hall meetings and the pressure to be quiet and on his best behaviour at all times (we now go to church and they embrace families with young children. The kids are encouraged to sit up at the front for the first part of the Sunday family service. The person leading the service always speaks to the kids, tells them a story and involves them, then after the worship part of the service the kids go into 'Sunday Club' where they have a Bible story, do some crafts and play some games, then get some sweets)
    • Door-to-door field service
    • District Conventions
    • Memorial 'celebrations'
    • Having to tell his friends that Christmas and birthdays are "against his religion"
    • Rejecting a birthday party invitation
    • Not being able to achieve his potential at school
    • Not being able to cultivate skills which could lead to a fulfilling career
  • llbh

    Congratulations on he birth of your baby.

    I totally agree with all your last comments, it must feel quite liberating


  • ninja

    congrats to you and gail....hello to the wee man....I'll catch up with you have the family witnesses been with you?

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    @ ninja - the parents have all been great, it's like nothing has ever changed. How long that lasts, we don't know, but we're certainly not going to cast it up to them or make any issues. The other family members who are still 'in' are notable by their absolute silence.

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    EDIT - Tweets are here.

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